Album Review: Hollow Coves | Wanderlust

“I’m moving far away to a sunny place

Where it’s just you and me

Feels like we’re in a dream

You know what I mean…”

‘Coastline’ kicks off Hollow Coves 2017 debut EP; perhaps expressing a desire to return to the beaches of their hometowns after much of the song writing and musical development occurred while Ryan based himself in Canada and Matt travelled Europe. The catchy ‘We Will Run’ follows, reminiscing and hopeful, remaining wedded to seaside themes and the life of a young traveller.

The five tracks and interlude impress at every turn, sticking to the genre whilst mixing up the tempo and backing instruments, making for an interesting and addictive spin. You barely get to the end before you’re wanting more, and I found myself quick to flick the repeat button.

The EP is well worthy of the accolades it has already been acknowledged for, delivering chilled indie folk melodies and harmonies, backed by minimal acoustic guitar and unassuming rhythmic drum beats. The perfect soundtrack to holidays and Sunday afternoons, Hollow Coves have crafted a beautiful piece of art in their debut EP, and we will wait with baited breath for their anticipated full-length release later in 2018.

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