Album review: Holy Holy | Paint

Haven’t we all experienced text message remorse, desperately wanting to retrieve that message that in hindsight could have been worded differently, or not sent at all? Holy Holy’s new album Paint opens with this proposition, immediately catching my attention. In the 44 minutes it took to mow my lawn, headphones delivering Holy Holy’s sultry tones, practical themes of adulthood echoed in every song. I feel like a proper grown up listening to Paint.

She was a piece of work, on the second track Willow Tree. And that’s putting it nicely. I have fallen into an elevator on a date night, captured by the emotions of a great date, possibly while listening to a song like third track Elevator. And I did used to care. I used to do a lot of things. And you know what? The lake doesn’t care. No matter how much I scream at it, so said track five Gilded Age.

I found myself relating to every track, each with a catchy tune to hum along to, and a bunch of lyrics woven together in such a way it seemed someone had taken a time lapse photograph of the drama that evolves in my brain throughout any given month.

She did take a long time to see reality, on Darwinism. I have felt that attraction to someone who might have been a lover in a different life. In so many parts of my life, I am an amateur. I am happier in December. The album ends giving its regards to anyone listening, which I thought was a polite and poignant conclusion.

Paint felt like a dinner party with all the people you really like and relate to, sharing and enjoying company and conversation over bottles of red. Well done Holy Holy. Highly recommended.

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