Album Review: In Death | The Devil Speaks

It’s not hard to find remarkable metal bands in our parts of town these days let alone across Australia. We have so many at our fingertips. But to stand out from the rest takes something special. Once in a while you will come across something fresh, something that cuts through the rest of the pack. And fortunately for us, Brisbane metal act In Death have done just that with their upcoming album The Devil Speaks.

The album was recorded right here on the Gold Coast with Nik Carpenter at Core Studios, who is renowned for his work with acts such as The Black Swamp, Chronolyth and A Secret Death, just to name a few. Core Studios is an environment in which Nik seems to generate perfection and this album is definitely not the exception.

Although their genre is nothing new to the ears of metalgoers, it’s more so a matter of what the songs bring to the table that really shines above the rest. The musicianship among the five band members is something to admire. And there is a real sense of professionalism embedded in the each track, a sense that you only really get when listening to somewhat more recognised bands such as Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse and Devildriver.

Vocalist Krug produces these astonishing guttural and powerful screams, a perfect accompaniment to the savage and barbaric riffs. Everything is perfectly executed throughout the album and not just in terms of timing, but structurally also – the songs are written well. Over the years, since the current incarnation of In Death has been together, the band have worked really hard to put themselves out there and make a name for themselves.

They released the album’s first single Malignancy Eradicated back in September of 2016, which was praised by many and really shone a new light on what was the monster that is In Death. A new brutality had been awoken and you could hear it. Also featured on the album is Godzilla, a stand alone track which made its way onto the album. And rightfully so, it’s a perfect fit for The Devil Speaks.

Stand out tracks include Bow To Your Master, a crowd favourite live. Powerful and anthem-like, the kind of song that deserves the crowd screaming back in Krugs’ face. And a personal favourite  is Fuck Your Kind.  Rah and Brian’s guitar work on this track is something else. If this song doesn’t have the crowd moving like a bunch of pyschotic lunatics, then I give up – this track is incredible.

In Death have proven themselves with this album, each member deserves everything they get for the making of this masterpiece. If you’re a metalhead and you don’t love this album, in the words of Rah….get in the bin.

The album’s release date is yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned for news here.


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