Album review: Kid Cudi | Passion, Pain and Demon Slaying

After a brief and universally panned stint in a rock band, Kid Cudi is back on familiar hip hop ground with new album Passion, Pain and Demon Slaying. Passion is a bit of an epic album, 19 songs totalling almost an hour and a half and boasts features from big artists such as Andre 3000, Pharrell Williams and Willow Smith.

The opening track, Frequency, hooked me at the start with a low smooth beat and then the lyrics kicked in. It became just another hip hop party lifestyle song, so disappointing for this fresh album to bring such tired themes.  This is the trend of the album, great production, intriguing beats and instrumentals with average lyrical style. There are odd moments of interest with By Design and The Guide, and random well-penned lines, you just have to wade through the rest to get to them.

Passion is an album that will please loyal Kid Cudi fans, it is a style reminiscent of 2010’s Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager. There is a dark ambience that suggests depth and importance yet it doesn’t quite deliver. For me it was musically smooth and coherent but lacking in substance and still nice to have playing in the background.


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