Album review: Mass Sky Raid | Science of Fiction

I have a confession to make, last month, I was scrolling through the Blank GC notice board. Along with the usual self hate after noticing I’d once again missed out on shooting pics at some awesome gigs, I spied a fresh post. The request was short and simple ‘Anyone want to review the new Mass Sky Raid album?’ – I thought to myself, why not?

A brief tap on the keyboard and bang there it was in my Dropbox. Well that escalated quickly. I’d never heard of Mass Sky Raid, nor did I know they were local lads who had been building up to this moment since 2011. I hadn’t heard the handful of songs championed by so many. Nor had I witnessed their hypnotic power live on stage. A little voice inside my head chimes in “for this confession you must repeat ten hail Marys and attend more gigs at the Shark Bar!”.

As I drove between Brisbane and the Gold Coast that afternoon I gave ‘Science of Fiction’ a quick listen. My first impressions were favourable, I like my music loud and the volume was set well past “eleven”. Mass Sky Raid triggered more than a few memories of bands that have earnt their place in my favourite’s list. Taking Exit 66, I decided if I was to be fair I would need to give ‘Science of Fiction’ a few more listens. Fast forward to 5.00am Sunday Morning, Splendour in the Grass. Sleep deprivation combines with a sensory overload that is festival life, I question my ability to do anything let alone write a review. It has become apparent deadlines are set for procrastinators like me, I sit in my office awaiting a new day. A perfect time to compose my thoughts.

Fearful of using labels and comparisons I grazed on a solid diet of Mass Sky Raid’s past offerings, a handful of articles, a casual flick through their social media. It’s obvious that Mass Sky Raid have done the hard yards, anticipation levels are peaking and now is the time to deliver their debut full-length album. ‘Edge of the Unknown’, the first single to be released from ‘Science of Fiction’ is definitely on my nomination list The Gold Coast Music Awards Video of the Year. Frontman Andrew Lomas delivers mesmerising vocals that compliment a wall of heavy sound created by the lads which they describe as a personal journey questioning the world and its values.

‘Edge of the Unkown’ sits comfortably amongst other songs that so easily could have been chosen to entice audiences to take this trip. Matt Bartlem from Loose Stones Studios has shaped and delivered an often emotional soundscape that enables Mass Sky Raid to deliver a debut album that will not only satisfy their loyal fans, but define the future for this Gold Coast four piece.

Again the little voice in my head suggests another confession. I must confess, I have developed a liking for Mass Sky Raid, the long awaited debut full length album ‘Science of Fiction’ has won me.

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