Album review: Mia Dyson  | If I Said Only So Far I Take it Back

It is truly heartening to see Mia Dyson’s music finally being heard on a bigger playing field. With no pun intended, people standing on the bruised paddocks of Tyagarah packed the Crossroads stage at this year’s Bluesfest and saw Dyson and her drummer/producer Erin Sidney pump out the tracks on her affirmation-like titled album, ‘If I Said Only So Far I Take it Back.’ Heck, the album only released in March had the Easter crowd singing along to lyrics already familiar to them.

Recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the songs are short, sharp with not a hint of fuss. Firm favourites are; ’Gambling’ with the lyrics “It’s not a waste of time to play without a victory,” ending with sparks of electronica, and ‘Being Scared’ – both telling songs referencing a musical career which has been silently simmering within a pot of perservance.  Mia Dyson has kept her music integrity, even down to her artist style and it has paid her back handsomely.

On this album she has kept the music and lyrics honest, with limited waste.  ‘Diamonds’, ’Nothing’ and ‘Fool’ all offer buzzy eighties anthemic sounds – sprinkled with synth elements that finish short of an unnecessary repeat. Less is more, and you are left begging for more. ‘Bleeding Heart’ starts with the plinking of Beatles-esque piano chords and builds momentum into a big glorious chorus that shows off Dyson’s rock projection vocals.  There is some interesting electronica sparkle on ‘Beloved’ not unlike the production values of super star Sarah Blasko. ‘I Defy You’ is accompanied by Dyson’s deftly touched guitar notes – a retrospective of Australian 20th century rock sounds.

In ode to Dyson’s ten-word album title we sum up – ‘Every song is worth listening to and we congratulate her.’

Mia Dyson’s sixth studio album is available at

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