Album Review: Millencolin | SOS

Swedish punks Millencolin have been going strong for 26 years and eight albums. Their soon-to-be-released ninth album ‘SOS’ displays a distinct maturity in lyrics and instrumentation, while still retaining the trademark fast punk sound that fans so adore. New album, new social and political themes, but unmistakeably Millencolin.

Title and opening track ‘SOS’ gives listeners a fair warning of what’s to follow, introducing the band’s scathing commentary on the state of the world with a hectic pace and strong vocals.

‘Sour Days’ kicks off with grungier guitars while ‘Yanny & Laurel’ is fast, rocking and delightfully mosh-inspiring. ‘Trumpets & Poutine’ is a mixed tempo offering, working off the metaphor of humankind as band members who play different instruments; with a conductor who has lost all sense of melody.

A deceptively slower start turns into the blistering look at the current phone-obsessed, disconnected life in ‘Do You Want War’.  ‘Caveman’s Land’ is the completely on-point track about nationalism and treatment of refugees and immigrants. It kicks straight in with vocals and doesn’t let up the intensity while calling out troglodytes.

‘SOS’, with polished musicians and lyrics calling for change and progression in society, is the perfect follow up album to 2015’s ‘True Brew’. Millencolin fans will be reassured there is no letting up from the band, and if you’ve missed tickets to the sold out Soundlounge gig in March you’ll be crying into your coffee.

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