Album Review: Paper Kites | Twelvefour

Twelvefour is the Paper Kites way of proving that, sometimes, great things happen after 2am. A conceptual album that saw frontman Sam Bentley reverse his sleeping patterns to capture the creative genius that can occur in the nightlight hours, the album opens with Electric Indigo. This neon titled song is so full of 90s nostalgia you can practically see John Cusack hoisting a boom box in preparation for the moody warmth that seeps out of the track.

With a pounding beat that captures your attention, the album weaves its way through multiple moods of reflection and anticipation – a true beauty that will transcend the time in which it was created, Twelvefour is complete in its profound sense of emptiness.

Tracks like Neon Crimson and Bleed Confusion encapsulate a sense of hopelessness, that dark feeling lurking in the early a.m. times. Revelator Eyes and I’m Lying To You Cause I’m Lost invite you to dance despite the darkness, with catchy guitar riffs and electro beats that encourage the closing of eyes and the swaying of hips. The album leaves on a quieter note with Turns Within Me, Turns Without Me slipping into sleepiness with the sad lyrics:

“And you’ll keep me settled for a while I know my love | Just let me waste a little times | It turns with me | It turns without me | And oh it turns me round, round, round”


The album concludes with my personal favourite, Too Late, which seduces with the lightest of drumbeats and a soft sinuous quality to the vocals; a perfect conclusion to Twelvefour and melancholy snapshot of a reflective mind in the midnight hours. If this album doesn’t hold at least one track that ends up in your summer rotation I don’t know what will.


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