Album Review: RUFUS | Bloom

Sydney Trio, RUFUS return with their second album Bloom after releasing two massive singles You Were Right and Like An Animal. The wait for this album felt like forever but it was well worth it when I finally got to hear this masterpiece.

RUFUS’ sound is a sweet combination of deep dub and oozy electronica; imagine drinking a crisp beer on a really hot day, yeah well Bloom makes you feel those feels.

Most electronic or dance albums are constantly dropping dirty beats, but RUFUS really take you on a journey throughout Bloom, during which each track floats into the next so effortlessly.

Making you dance to your heart’s content, tracks like Say A Prayer For Me and You Were Right really balance out the more mellow dance tracks like Innerbloom and Hypnotised.

Bloom creates a lot of figurative imagery within the lyrics produced by the group, alluding a lot to nature and dreams which is perfectly combined with the time of year the album is released. Long sunny afternoons with only just a glimpse of the holidays past. Something I really love about this album is that it is classified as dance or electronic music but you could just as easily be sitting at home, or taking a stroll while listening to Bloom, it’s just such warm and fuzzy goodness, right for any occasion.

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