Album Review: Sunnyboys | Best Seat In The House

LIVE – Enmore Theatre – March 2015

The last Sunnyboys live album was Real (Live) released back in 1984 just before they disappeared from the scene for almost 30 years. Fast forward to 2016 and Kingsciff’s favourite sons have their latest and 2nd live album Best Seat in the House due for release (27 February).

As Individual 118 of the Sunnyboys’ Fanclub, I have got a pre-release copy, and man, if you are a Sunnyboys fan, you will not be disappointed. Some 30 years on, there is no way these guys should sound so good. It was recorded at the Enmore Theatre in March 2015, where I was there to witness their comeback gig the year before when they performed as Kids in Dust, and what a venue the Enmore is – with sound and acoustics that cannot be faulted.

The track listing reads like a favourite mix tape of mine from the 1980’s, rarities and crowd favourites being played live. A sides, B sides, and rocking favourites. Alone with You is there, Happy Man, but what I am stoked with is that crowd favourite from their very first release Seeker is there as well. And I am a little jealous as I am yet to see the lads play that one since screaming like crazy for them to play it at the Playroom and the Jet Club…

Jeremy Oxley is in top form, making his guitar sing, his voice is still powerful and amazing, the rhythm section of Bill Bilson and Peter Oxley is a well-oiled awesome machine, and Richard Burgman is attacking his axe with as much fury as ever. They have still got it and it comes through on the album.

This is real, they are back, and if you have a ticket for Day on the Green on 6 March, you can see and hear it all for yourself. That will be the Best Seat in the House!

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  • Reply March 12, 2016

    Barry M

    Hmmm – technically, this is their 3rd live album. Their 2nd would be “Shakin'”, recorded in August 1991 at the Central Club in Melbourne. Other than that very minor nit-pick, bang on the money in every other respect.

    Made it to the first and the last of the 6 shows they did at the Central Club – thumping good fun. Wish I could have made it to more…

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