Album review: Syrup, go on | Translucent Lucid Trance

Dog Club Records

SYRUP: “Arabic for beverage or wine. A thick, viscous liquid primarily comprised of sugar and water. Viscosity arises from multiple hydrogen bonds.” There you go.

Checking out the band’s FB page, there is little information about the group, but many references to syrup. Mainly maple syrup. And pancakes. There is also mention of hemp syrup. Yum.

However the moniker came about, these local Gold Coast lads and ladette are sounding pretty damn sweet. They have a communal love of 90’s indie rock, like My Bloody Valentine, Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.

Beach-pop, shoe-gaze, post-pop. Rock. The band comprises brothers Tom and Chris Briese on vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, Ken Kimura on drums and Liz Dick on bass. Tom recorded Liz’s part on the DP as she had not yet joined the band at the time.

Dog Club Records is the brain-hild of Keelan Sanders and Adam Sharmen from fellow Gold Coast band Electric Zebra. The EP, Translucent Lucid Trance was recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered in their home studio in Nerang. I’m not sure what the ‘trance’ refers to. Maybe too much hemp syrup.

Opening track Melt, oozes some delicious (sorry) sounds. Jangling guitar intro, then shout out “I, 2, 3, 4”. Some lovely fuzz and nicely distorted noise. Three minutes and three seconds of sweet, blissed out pop.

Smoke and Clay is slower, denser, more shoe-gazy. Shuffling, pleading.

“I’ll stand out for an hour in the rain

Just to hear you whisper my name”.

Closing song, Weekend is dream-like. Humming and lolling along. Cruising down the freeway, warm breeze in the air. Chasing that weekend feeling.

It’s a tasty little smorgasbord from these young guns. Nice and sticky. Multiple Hydrogen Bonds.

  1. According to Huff Post Weird News, there is even a National Pancake Day. I presume in America.. ’There are two types of people. Those who ensure the syrup only goes on the pancakes; and those who pour it everywhere”.

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