Album Review: Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses | Tunnel at the end of the light

Well the question with any group that has the enigmatic frontman, Tex Perkins in charge of the vocals is, which Tex have we got here? Is it the evil psycho cowboy of the Beasts of Bourbon, the raw energy of the Ape, or the smooth croonings of The Cruel Sea?

To me in this album it seems to be a meld of all but the evil of the Bourbons shines strong. Smooth melodies, mellow and uplifting, contemplative. Still with a touch of the raw guitar, but not enough to overpower the sound of cool cruisiness.

The title track seems to me to have you driving down that long highway, watching the ocean and scenes flying by. The music does seem to evoke images, and feelings, much like a dreamer floating in the clouds.

The Dark Horses are no slouches and their talented musicianship shines through. Charlie Owen, Joel Silbersher, Murray Paterson, Stephen Hadley and Gus Agars back Tex’s smooth yet gravel vocal sound superbly. Colour, light and shade, depth and flow work together.

Not the album to put on if you a getting ready to hit the town, but if you are chilling in the afternoon afternoon or seeking diversion on a long road trip, this album with lift you and seems to stimulate the mind to travel to another place. Moody and smooth, Tunnel at the End of Light is worth more than just one listen.

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