Album Review | The Brian Emo – Sushi Boy

Gold Coast supergroups aren’t an unfamiliar occurrence in our glittery little city. TSUN – the collaborative project of the Delicates, Karl S. Williams and more – have etched a niche of their own into the music scene thanks to the soaring soul-induced vocals of Williams’ brash voice infused with the beatnik Beatles cover band sounds of the Delicates’ group members. The Brian Emo – along with one of the best bands names I’ve heard in some time – bring together members of Salvadarlings, Donny Love and even some folks from their own label, Strange Yonder.

Keeping relatively quiet from the music media, the Brian Emo have played a few underground shows along the East Coast of Australia supporting friends’ bands and spreading their ridiculously great band name to the people. Described as, “soulful, flaccid-rock” – even in 2015 bands continue to carve niche musical genres into the already obese market – the Brian Emo somehow live up to that title with their debut offering, Sushi Boy.

The song is distant and withdrawn in the same way Salvadarlings deliver their mushroom psych in a dystopian and fragmented formula – sounding like the band are a little too far away from any microphones. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing – the listener is clawing for more. Sushi Boy teaches you to focus more on the background of the music, rather than the foreground.

The song breaks and shivers its way through several tempo changes – again, drawing on the Salavarlings’ theory – the slow and sultry psych dips and weaves flawlessly into groovy pop melodies a la Donny Love. The final 90 seconds of the song is what makes it all worthwhile. This is where we see the marriage of fellow Gold Coast compatriots legitmised. Toying with the background noise, delicate synth clicks and blips layer on top of psych pop grooves making for a truly special collaborative effort.

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