Album review: This is not a future | These Four Walls

The perfect hard rock soundtrack for a community subdued by fear and uncertainty, These Four Walls new offering, ‘This Is Not A Future’, brings the best out of the boys since their relocation to the Gold Coast from New Zealand internet viagra a few years ago. Hitting the streets on 24 April, ‘This Is Not A Future’ compiles the best of a few single releases since their previous 2012 release, and bolts on a bunch of cracking new tracks orchestrated to activate your adrenalin, and your mind.

Frontman Steve Gibb compare cialis prices online has a distinct vocal that permeates each track, layered with harmony over heavy-laden guitar rhythms. Singles ‘Bravery’, ‘Over and Over’ and ‘Fire Away’ are standout tracks fans may have heard and loved before, and they’re augmented ably by punishing new ditties ‘Slow’ (which is not very slow at all; deceptively advertised!), ‘Knots’ and ‘White Lies’.

Each song seems to tell a personal story or share a philosophical insight for those fascinated by the lyrical amongst the musical; I was drawn to the claim that dishonesty binds us to the person to whom we tell white lies; but the driving riffs and pumping percussion of the Vickers brothers will be  well and viagra 25mg uk truly enough for the passionate fan of hard rock music who remains ambivalent about the words sung on their favourite track. That being said, those lyrical themes of what we do with community fear and how to remain positively focused in a time of dark mental health, are compelling.

‘This Is Not A Future’ is an epic offering from this emerging hard rock act from the Gold Coast, definitely worth streaming, and catching their follow-up touring will no doubt be worth the viagra order no prescription ticket price.

‘This is Not A Future’ is out now. Grab it here.

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