Album Review | Tijuana Cartel – Lost My Head

Tijuana Cartel, a band who are no stranger to the local music scene on the GC have just released their brand new single Lost My Head off their album Psychedelicatessen which is due for release in September.

This single is the first track for the band to ever use a live drummer in it, having sourced inspiration from the likes of The Stone Roses and worked with producers behind TV On The Radio and The Yeah, Yeah Yeah’s.

Lost My Head is still track very much embracing the middle eastern sound that Tijuana Cartel are known for, but with more of an incorporation of drums, synths and experimental sounds. Something that a lot of bands are doing now, experimenting with different sound effects and electronic instruments, and embracing the technology we are surrounded by.

This track also has a super groovy video clip to match and if you’re a Mighty Boosh fan you’ll enjoy it, with some crazy patterns and colours throughout the clip.

This track is super fun, I love how the band have amped up their sound and introduced a rock element to this track while still sticking to their roots with the incorporation of the sitar and middle eastern influences, which really defines Tijuana Cartel.

Can’t wait for the album to come out and getting my head around the album name, Psychedelicatessen….

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