Album review: Tim Wheatley | Cast Of Yesterday


I didn’t know that Tim Wheatley was -is- Glen Wheatley’s son. Not that it makes any difference, just an interesting canadian pharmacy cialis generic fact, and you can sort of see a resemblance now, come to think of it. I don’t think Tim wanted to use his famous father’s connections in the music biz. He’d rather find and forge his own way through the mire. I saw him .Capsules are regular size and easy to swallow, and I like that the jar has screw cap, cialis drugstore number one shop. Our company is a professionally managed distributor of generic drugs. a few years ago at The Rails in Byron under his alter-ego Crooked Saint.

The album Cast of Yesterday has him reminiscing over people and incidences he has encountered over the past few years on his travels. Opening track, The Heathen begins the ride down the desert highway, warm breeze in the air, sultry blues and haunting harmonica the soundtrack for the ride.

I love that country, with a modern twist, banjo on Burning the Midnight Oil. The guitar intro and guitar and harp outro on Dumb Luck is beautiful and haunting.

Tim spent some years in the States, mainly LA, where he “stopped to smell the roses and my 20s got away”. On the song 78 Benz, he takes us on a ride – in that old Mercedes – through that era and soundscape. References order cialis online to Hemingway and McQueen.

The single Valerie has an intriguing though odd subject matter. It is based on a book, Delinquent Angel about Shelton Lea, poet and adopted son of the matriarch of the Darryl Lea confectionary empire. It brand viagra without prescription buy was a dysfunctional relationship. A sad tale.

“Valerie was Queen of the sweets, different kinds in a line

With heart shaped chocolates in the window

For some sweet persons’ Valentine”


The title track, Cast of Yesterday has Tim pondering languidly, “Well I’m just happy to be in the sun”.

Tim Wheatley is humble, focused and deep. A troubadour telling his tales, his inner essence captivates and so does this album.




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