Album review: Tokyo Beef | Kamikaze

Back in December, Burleigh Heads surf-rockers, Tokyo Beef, returned to Lovestreet Studios to record their second full-length album. Their plan was to record seven new songs and from this comes Kamikaze.

All the songs are recorded in a “live” environment to try and capture that Tokyo Beef energy they exude on stage. They used a couple of older songs as warm up before recording, to get them in the mood to rock, and these have ended up on the album as well. Fans will enjoy live favourites ‘Where’s the Party’ and ‘Free’.

In all the Beef recorded nine songs in one day, and there’s no question the final result is like being at a Tokyo Beef gig. It’s loud, raucous and in your face.

Of the new songs ‘On the Streets’ and ‘Chaos’ grab me the most, with a bit more attitude and heavier style and some breathing room between lead breaks. Go get some Beef, it’s tasty, it’s got some kick and more than worth a try.

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Kamikaze is vailable on iTunes or at Tokyo Beefs next gig!


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