Album review: Tokyo Beef | Stitched Up

Old school rockers Tokyo Beef are one of the gnarliest propositions on the local live music scene, recalling the glory days of suburban and inner city beer barn rock, performed by such esteemed Oz luminaries as The Celibate Rifles, Radio Birdman and The Lime Spiders.

Tokyo Beef mainstay Graeme Treanor (lead vocals and guitar) has been kicking out the jams under the band’s Beefy moniker for over 12 years now, and together with amped-up cohorts Johnny, Rusty and Punk, their pedigree and classic lineage (forged on the blazing twin guitar attack of classic 70’s Detroit garage rock), is on full display on their newest release, ‘Stitched Up’, which was recorded and mixed by the talented and versatile Scotty French at Love Street Studios and mastered by another local legend in the form of Paul Blakey.

‘Stitched Up’ sees the band bust out a rambunctious ruckus across its seven amped-up numbers. As well as hitting hard the band play things melodic and tight, bursting straight out of the blocks with blazing rocker ‘The Way We Like It’, setting the bar high from the get-go. ‘Kamikaze Man’ is one of the albums highlights, powering along off the back of an anthemic, hard rocking riff while delivering the memorable tale of a hard living, hard rocking ‘rock and roll Godzilla’.

In addition to the aforementioned Oz garage/punk influences, the heady air of Nordic heavy rocks (hello The Hellacopters and Turbonegro) also infiltrate these grooves, as evidenced in the tough as teak title track and the in-your-face fist pumper, ‘Midnight Train’, which unwinds impressively across its five minute duration.

‘Black Dog River’ recalls latter period Celibate Rifles (rip Damo), with front man Treanor’s upfront, gutsy vocals a pronounced and pleasing feature pervading across the album’s entirety. And final number, ‘Bad Seed’ delivers a curtain call of sorts, the band ebbing and flowing with the lay it down proclamations of Treanor as he spotlights each band member, approximating an onstage rock and roll farewell as they burn and blaze out of the building.

With their latest release Tokyo Beef have delivered a solid state dose of seminal rawk  – getting Stitched Up never sounded so good!

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