Album review: Vera Blue | Perennial

Released 21 July, ‘Perennial’ is a beautiful documentary of the aftermath of a relationship break down and the rebirth process. Set up in three chapters, ‘Perennial’ takes the listener on a journey from the ‘First Week’ of pain through the frustration and anger of ‘Magazine’ to the reflection of ‘Mended’.

Single ‘Private’ is a stand out proving the success of Vera Blue’s goal of marrying her former folk style with her new love of electronic music. It is unmistakeably a pop album, yet it has an underlying edge. With deep heart felt lyrics blended effortlessly with beats and sounds, ‘Perennial’ speaks to anyone who has been through a breakup. As Vera herself said, “I’ve tried to say the things that everyone wants to, but not everyone can.”

A big highlight, and potential women’s anthem, is ‘Lady Powers’, with its funky beats and empowered message it’s impossible to resist. You can hear the frustration and the anger in ‘Magazine’ and ‘Fools’, making you glad you’re not on the receiving end and you’re swept along for the ride and feel almost proud of Vera by the time you get to the soaring ‘Mended’.

There are hints of organic sounds and the folk past that add spice to a very slick production. Overall ‘Perennial’ is a brilliant display of the Vera Blue sound and the person behind the music. Definitely check it out.

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