Album review: Vision | Inertia

From the first track of this album, you just wouldn’t think this band was based in LA. Formed in the summer of 2011 by brothers Christopher Valer and Phillip Dominick, they only shortly after recorded their first self-titled EP, released by Burger Records in 2012.

I was surprised, because I did not expect what I heard when I pushed play on the first track What I Need. Straight away I was thrown to the UK in the early 1980’s post punk era. This sounds very reminiscent of Joy Division and the Jesus and Mary Chain. The drum beat in particular is very much of that style, and the roaring and driving guitar beckons harks back to that time. On their Facebook page they describe their genre as Britpop, which is unusual but spot on.

It does have that Britpop influence but inside is the grinding, screaming of a sound of Sonic Youth, and a touch of Psychedelia to boot. Dreamy, yearning, screaming sounds, lift and transfix, and each song seems to have a life of its own.

What they also have as well is a driving rhythm, which moves each song along a quick but not frenetic pace. The lyrics ride and lift and fall with the sound, and it is very well put together… so many different sounds combine to rock you, roll you with a sway, and in some ways your mind seems to want to take off and wander.

I must say I do hear a ton of Joy Division in this band, but not quite as dark. Well worth a listen and if you happen to be over in the US, I would be making a detour to go check these guys out.


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