Album Review: WAAX | HOLY SICK

Although I missed seeing WAAX at the recent Maroochy Festival, I caught them at Bigsound for their showcase at The Elephant Hotel and boom. Mind blown.

There were a lot of amazing performers at Bigsound this year, but no one was more insanely entertaining than Waax’s front woman, Marie DeVita. She was a physical and vocal contortionist – manic, menacing, mesmerising.

The title track from their new EP Holy Sick, is seething and screaming with anger. Fat bass, thumping drums and DeVita spitting out, “Something’s just not right here,” as a nod and an ‘up yours’ to Abbott and immigration disgraces.

Earlier single, I For An Eye maintains the rage, with Marie questioning herself and her place, particularly as a female, in the music industry, followed by the anger at herself for feeling insignificant.

“I’m just a girl / All your friends have pedestals/ So I tell myself / You can take it or leave it”.

I’ll take it, thanks.

I’m not sure of the meaning of the title of the track, CC Thugs, but the tune tones down the angst and turns up the heartache. Souls lay bare and heartstrings torn. Love lost. Quivering and vulnerable. Beautifully stripped back and haunting.

From heart-ache to tooth-ache, Wisdom Teeth is actually about the latter, during a night on the tiles scoffing whisky and Pepsi to numb the pain, and the reciprocal pain the next day. She screeches, “I need some peace,” as a voice shouts back, “Shut up, shut up.”

I feel your pain. There’s that fine line that we all tip over, but Waax and Holy Sick are an absolute pleasure, in a warped way, to see, hear, dance, laugh, cry and tear your teeth out to.

I’ll have my whiskey on the rocks, thanks.

WAAX are playing Festival of the Sun, Port Macquarie, December 11 – 12

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