Album review: West Thebarton | Different Beings Being Different

With their scream-out-loud anthemic debut, seven headed rock hydra West Thebarton is another band you can add to the impressive quota of quality acts emanating from Adelaide.

Like their spiritual Adelaide brethren, the mighty Bad//Dreems, West Thebarton channel the best bits of honest to god Aussie pub rock with a healthy dose of scuzzed-up, classic and contemporary underground rock, as magnificently evidenced within the grooves of  their wonderfully monikered album, ‘Different Beings Being Different.’

‘Moving Out’ kicks things off with a bold-as-fuck big rock sound, all driving riffs and punchy rhythm, the impassioned vocals of front man Reverend Ray setting the tone for the rest of the record.

There’s no sugar coating the band’s ‘real-deal’ approach to their songcraft, and lyrically the songs touch upon the mundane miasma of suburban existence, together with a liberal dose of home town pride.

Recent single, ‘Bible Camp’, is another memorably frenetic rocker, it’s rousingly desperate chorus sure to set drunken bodies into overdrive in a live setting. Other hard riffing, gut churning highlights include ‘Anatomy’ and the fist pumping ‘On The Hill’, which briefly deceives with an acoustically strummed intro, before bursting forth with their signature ‘all guns blazing’ four guitar attack.

There is, however, still plenty of light and shade to be found across the albums 11 songs, with tracks such as ‘Reason’ ‘Ivan’ and moody closing number, ‘Set It Straight’ slowing the tempo somewhat without compromising the band’s heart on sleeve approach.

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West Thebarton is at The Zoo, 29 June

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