Album Review: Ziggy Marley | Self-titled

Start It Up is the first track on this self-titled offering and it does just that!

An energetic and catchy reggae beat with a super positive message means that this song has already found its way onto my pilates class playlists. Ziggy has a mission to awaken people to their own power and Start It UP calls for you to ‘be the revolution’.

The song sets the tone for the album, optimism wrapped in reggae beats with hints of Ziggy’s influences. Despite the fact it addresses important issues like corruption, suffering environment and war, the album is uplifting and encouraging.

Weekend’s Long has a distinct Caribbean feel to it with steel drums front and centre and the idea of getting away from it all growing stronger with each listen.

Ceceil on the other hand has strong hints of 80’s style synthesiser. And there’s a distinct channelling of Bob Marley on the track We Are The People. This song uses more traditional reggae styles and like Bob’s Get Up, Stand Up, seeks to empower.

This is balanced by the beautiful and deep Heaven Can’t Take It, a song with Stephen Marley collaborating – a slower and more sober offering, a plea to stop what we are doing with wars and conflict.

While it does sound like it’s a little serious and on some levels it is, this self-titled album from Ziggy is still a lot of fun. The track Marijuanaman is all about a super hero here to ‘save the land, give poor people a helping hand’. It suggests all world leaders would do better if they just smoked some herb… maybe he’s right?!

This sixth solo album from Ziggy Marley is a reflection of a happy and optimism trying to lift others, to bring about a love revolution. What better way to do that than with the very soul of the Caribbean itself (and a dose of solid musicianship for good measure)?

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