All our exes bound for Mullum and Woodford

I reckon All Our Exes Live In Texas should just move here. Between BIGSOUND, Mullum Music Festival and Woodford Folk Festival, they’ll have had so many trips to our neck of the woods, it’d be easiest for all of us if they made the move from Sydney once and for all.

The band comprising Elana Stone (accordion), Georgia Mooney (mandolin), Katie Wighton (guitar) and Hannah Crofts (ukulele) live very close to eachother and when I spoke to Katie, had literally just pressed the GO button on their Pledgemusic campaign for their album due in 2016.

“It’ll come out mid next year, but you can pre-order it now,” Katie told Blank GC. “There’s a bunch of other things you can buy. Crocheted doll versions of us…”

Katie says that Georgia is the crochet fanatic in the group and admits she’s a bit hazy. They’d been in the studio all weekend when we spoke. She says this studio experience is quite different from that produced their debut EP.

“Cos we’re working with an amazing producer, Wayne Connolly. He’s worked on Boy & Bear, Silverchair, You Am I. He’s won a few Arias… just an all-round legend of a person – he’s so lovely to work with.”

“I guess he’s got more of an idea of the songs overall and how they’ll fit together as an album as a whole piece. He can hear things that we didn’t necessarily hear in the songs,” Katie says when I ask how the band feels about working with a producer.

“It’s like someone coming in when you’ve done or having an interior designer saying move this here, put that over there. It’s nice to have someone who’s all across it and he has oodles of experience in terms of different sounds. It’s nice to have someone at the helm.”

BIGSOUND 2015 was the second time All Our Exes Live In Texas had showcased. Katie says the experience itself is “pretty scary and pretty weird,” and talks about the half-hour sets without soundcheck.

“You’re performing for lots of industry people who you want to like you. When you’re playing for an audience you can be yourselves and know that someone will like something. It’s not something we particularly love. I don’t think any band does. But we have such lovely time, we meet great people.”

BIGSOUND was also the catalyst for the band scoring their new booking agent – Katie Rynne, from Select.

Only one quarter of the band have played Mullum Music Festival before. “Lani has played her solo gig there and she loves it and she raves about it,” Katie explains. “We’re pretty excited. We feel really lucky to have the festivals we’ve got at the moment.”

“We were announced for Woodford at the weekend too. We’ve all sort of applied as solo artists for quite a long time and then we got in this year – and it’s so exciting. We’re really stoked to be part of the lineup.”

It’s been a steady rise for the ladies who’ve only been working together for three years, prior to which they’d worked solo.

“It’s just been so easy with this band. I’m not sure what it is. Might be the combination of four solo artists pushing pretty hard and yeah, I guess it’s very different to what we’re used to,” Katie said.

“We formed the band very early in our friendship and we didn’t really think it was going to be a big thing and now it’s becoming this amazing fun thing that we’re able to do with our best friends.”

“It’s very cool. We’re very lucky.”

_ _ _ _

All Our Exes Live In Texas are playing Mullum Music Festival, which runs 19 – 22 November and at Woodford Folk Festival which runs 27 December – 1 January.

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