Amanda Parer heads Beyond The Sand

The world premiere of internationally renowned Australian artist Amanda Parer’s latest artwork will be taking centre-stage at Beyond the Sand this March, as art lovers flock to the Surfers Paradise beachfront for this epic arts festival.

The free multi-medium cultural event will unveil Amanda Parer’s biggest art installation ‘Lost’, a never before seen larger-than-life artwork featuring rare botanicals that will be scattered throughout Surfers Paradise from 13 -21 March, transforming the beachfront into a vibrant floral inspired wonderland.

We caught a few minutes with Amanda as the project was in the process of being assembled.

Where did the idea for ‘Lost’ come from?

My artwork themes are centred around human’s experiences and relationship with the natural world, so this new piece ‘Lost’ is an extension of that. They’re all giant flowers and leaves and as you approach the artwork you’ll possibly just see beautiful flowers, but in fact they’re all endangered and extinct species. I like to entice people in with works that on the surface look like cute or beautiful, even friendly pieces, but there’s always a bit of undertone for people to contemplate and explore if they choose to do so.

How did you choose the species to include?

Once I started researching there were sadly so many pieces that were endangered or extinct to choose from. But I had to choose which ones suited aesthetically as a design so all the species are represented from each continent, just to bring home the fact that this is a global problem.

What are you most looking forward to about your visit to the Gold Coast for the installation?

The water’s a little bit cold here in Tasmania! Haha. So I’m looking forward to a warmer swim.

I’ve heard this referred to as your biggest work yet; how would you define that in terms of hours, preparation, actual size, or resources?

Probably all of the above, but what I like about doing installation work is that once you place more than one piece around in a given space it takes on the environment around it rather than being a sculpture that you walk around. There are eight separate pieces displayed up and down the Esplanade, so it’ll definitely be the biggest in terms of surface area.

You’ve worked on beaches and sand before, do they present any unique challenges to your work?

Only in the sense that they keep their form with a continually blowing air blower inside the piece and sometimes the blower sucks in air so the risk is that sand gets sucked in too, but sand is a relatively benign object to get sucked in.

Previously known as Sand Safari, Beyond The Sea is a reimagined event that is going beyond existing offerings with eight large-scale installations, unique artworks from up-and-coming artists and activities and workshops. The event will also feature the annual Australian Sand Sculpting Championships, performances, and roving entertainment.

Beyond the Sand’s enormous installations and activations will capture the attention of the social media savvy with an offering perfect for any post and unique social media opportunities for the audience to fully immerse themselves in the celebration on art.

This year’s art festival will feature a circus-theme across nine captivating days and nights. The event will support Gold Coast accommodation providers by driving overnight visitation and encouraging visitors and local residents to come in early and stay late, to fully experience the Gold Coast’s art community offering.

Beyond the Sand runs on the Esplanade at Surfers Paradise from 13 to 20 March, 10am to 9pm daily. Visit for more.

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