Amela Making Her Mark On Local Music Scene

Singer songwriter and all round lovely person, Amela had a chat with Sarah McEwan about recent gigs, new music, plans for 2015 and a musicial project that is making waves up and down the coast.

So the last time we spoke to you, you had only recently released your Aeroplane clip, how was the response?

Aeroplane has been received really well! It’s been getting heaps of love on Triple J Unearthed and local radio stations Rabbit Radio and 4ZZZ. It has also thrown me a bunch of opportunities such as feature artist on a new upcoming television series on SBS2, and the film clip got retweeted by Adobe Australia!

You’ve been doing loads of gigs and mini festivals such as Concrete Jungle with some other really cool artists such as Bullhorn and Rhythm Hunters, how have these gigs been?

Considering I have only been playing with my new band for about a month, we’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback. It feels so good to play with them and people have been saying we’re really ‘tight’! Concrete Jungle was so much fun. I danced so hard to Michelle Xen, it felt great to be part of that lineup. We also recently played at Black Bear Lodge with Outliers and Allie Falls. Next month I’m playing a set at Brisbane’s RAW fest which I’m looking forward to.

With all this gigging around have you found time to record any new music?

I have been writing a lot of new music actually! What’s more is that I have been writing some more contemporary, piano-ballad type songs for my solo material and am approaching producers in Sydney and overseas in LA to hopefully work on them.

I’ve seen that you’re working with your other band, The Forty Thieves, who have a really cool folky sound, what have you guys been up to?

The Forty Thieves have been playing together again recently after taking a hiatus. We are currently working on finishing our album. The Forty Thieves is a family, and we write beautiful music so I can’t wait to share it.

Any other exciting plans for either Amela or The Forty Thieves this year?

This year is about releasing all the music for me and getting out there. I write and play with The Forty Thieves and Malo Zima, and also have my own solo project, Amela. So this year all three bands are dedicated to releasing new and best material and hopefully doing some touring – I am so passionate about it!

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