Among the Ruined inspire listeners with new single ‘Despite All Odds’

Metalcore rock band Among the Ruined are on a roll after the release of their new single ‘Despite All Odds’, dropped on 26 June , female viagra online and accompanied by their very first music video.

Since the Brisbane-based band was formed in 2015, band members Patrick (Paddy) Creamer, Bailey Mackelden, Caleb ‘CJ’ Jones and Saul Creamer have worked to create heavy metal buy cheap ciprofloxacin online music with melodic tunes and inspiring messages.

We spoke to lead singer, Patrick Creamer, better known as Paddy, to hear more about the new single ‘Despite All Odds’, the music video, what the band has in store next for their listeners, and his creative process.

Most musicians have their cialis trazodone own unique style and process when it comes to creating music. Paddy describes his method as instrumentally led rather than viagra where to buy lyrically.

“So as a general rule, the music comes first. So, I’ll write some guitar riffs and some guitar parts, it normally just starts with one riff-or-so, and then as I put a couple of parts together I start to decide what I want the vision of the song to be…and then I put that together, and I normally demo record some stuff and put some drums together and structure together a full song instrumentally.

“The whole time while I’m doing that, I’m normally humming vocal melodies and getting an idea of how I want the vocals to propecia best price uk go. The lyrics are sort of the last piece of the puzzle that actually comes together,” Paddy explains.

‘Despite All Odds’ is a hard-hitting motivational song about perseverance when things get tough. Using strong vocals, complex guitar riffs and a consistent heavy beat, the song has an immediate impact. The use of a melodic chorus and bridge helps to break up the track and create contrast. It definitely keeps the audience on their toes. We ask Paddy about his vision for the song.

“The inspiration lyrically is kind of about not letting life get in the way of pursuing your passion or your career, like obviously for me it’s music and Among the Ruined,” he says

“At the time that I was writing those lyrics I had a lot of stuff going on and I’d finished high school and I was starting to deal with life, and all the stuff that comes up: like you’ve got to pay car rego, you’ve got to get to work on time and there’s always stuff you’ve got to deal with and oh no now that house is messy, you know.”

He talks about how the song relates to his personal life and mentions how motivation is extremely important when creating a career in music.

“You have to be really dedicated to something and make sure you’re constantly carving out time to put enough time and energy into it to make it happen. Especially with a career choice like this, it’s not easy and there’s no blueprint and no one’s going to hand it to you. So, it’s kind of like willing myself to get to where I want to be, despite all odds.”

Paddy says ‘Despite All Odds’ was also a good way for the band to remember why they create music.

“It’s like the essence of the band and the essence of how we feel about it and how passionate we are about what we’re doing and the dedication that we have to make it happen.”

The ‘Despite All Odds’ music video is among the band’s first. After saving up the funds to start filming, Paddy describes the experience as exhausting but worth it.

“It was really tough, actually. It was a real mission and a real strain moment like we really needed the dedication to push through, because we’ve got another one planned to come out somewhat soon as well and we actually shot both of them in the span of like 48 hours,” he says.

“So, we were all super delirious and just trying to put every little scrap of energy we had into the performance to make sure it looked good. But it was awesome, it was really great, it just worked out that we had to do it that way because the studio was only free that day, as I said, life just works out certain ways sometimes and just throws you curve balls. But I think it turned out well and we all pushed through together to get it done.”

‘Despite All Odds’ is available now through all the usual channels. You can get more info on Among the Ruined, their new releases and where to stream them on their Facebook and Instagram.

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