Amy Elise turns heads with ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’

Amy Elise is a fifteen-year-old Gold Coast singer/songwriter with three tracks already under her belt. Her latest track ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ tells listeners to rid toxic people from their lives.

With a fresh view on the industry and an evolving style, Amy has been taking to the stage all over the Gold Coast, spreading her very particular message about self-worth. We caught up with the passionate songstress ahead of her upcoming launch show.

Amy has been musical for as long as she can remember, singing along with Missy Higgins, Norah Jones and Kasey Chambers in the car. A supportive inner circle means that she was encouraged to share her music as soon as she could.

“My friends love to have a joke around and scream all my lyrics at me whenever I walk past them,” she laughs.

My parents have been especially supportive, like getting me to gigs, buying me stuff and everything like that, I definitely couldn’t have done it without them.”

Having started so young, Amy’s musical style has grown along with her.

“I would like to think that my music has become slightly more intricate and more interesting, because when you start off with song writing it’s all very basic and very literal, especially with my lyrics. So, now I write more metaphors and more imagery and less just stating the facts,” she says.

Although she’s happy to discuss her musical progress, Amy is humble when it comes to her accomplishments.

“I’m definitely proud of myself because it’s not something a lot of people around me are doing,” she says carefully. “But I like to think that it’s not something to be too boastful about, it’s just putting my mind to it and doing what I love just at a slightly younger age then where most people start.”

Amy definitely has some advice for young artists that want to follow in her footsteps.

“I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as confident in my performance or anything without doing various open mics and all that sort of thing, so definitely putting yourself out there is something very important.”

Amy’s new single ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ falls into the mainstream music category, but with a darker twist she likes to call “grungy pop.”

“It’s a bit different, or a lot different, from what my other two songs sound like but there’s definitely going to be more of that in the future, so hopefully audiences will like it,” she explains.

“I’d tell them, also, to take away the message that if you’ve got toxic people in your life, cut them out, because they’re doing you more harm than good.”

Wise words from the teenage chanteuse. As for what the future holds?

“Definitely still songwriting, still recording, still performing but hopefully just for a bigger range of people then what I am now,” states Amy.

“In couple of years I’ll be out of school so there will be more opportunities to perform more regularly.”

We can’t wait.

In celebration of her new release Amy will be playing a hometown Gold Coast launch at Expressive Ground on 12 December.

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