Ladies of the GC: Ana Marcela Regalado

Visual artist and fashion designer

When Ana entered her last year of highschool she set herself the goal of topping her art class. Which she did. She’s now only 18, but she is already an accomplished artist, with a piece commissioned by Pacific Fair and her own studio at Rabbit + Cocoon.

Her studio is a mess, but she assures me that’s because it’s under renovation. The wall which features Ana’s art is covered in unique pieces – there’s no real underlying theme – there’s a surfboard, paintings, sculptures and works in paint and graphite, amongst others.

She finishes her Diploma in Fashion next month and says that’s when her work will transform to an intertwining of fashion design and art. It’s obvious that Ana is at that point in her career where she’s experimenting, exploring and enjoying the freedom that comes with both youth and creative independence.

She was first creatively inspired by her grandfather, still living in El Salvador and an accomplished artist himself. He was the first person who introduced Ana to the world of creativity – he now follows her work on Facebook with regular catch ups on Skype.

Ana is not really worried about the future, more about getting her name out there as she finds her artistic feet. And she’s humble about her roots with her parents settling here from El Salvador with no friends, no jobs and not very much English. Ana was only five at the time.

It’s obvious that family is incredibly important to her and when I chatted with Ana, her mother (also Ana) joined us. They work together (Double T Tacos) at Marketta every week and they play together, frequently being stopped by their grateful diners at Gold Coast clubs and venues. They’re often mistaken for sisters. Ana Jr is youthful but looks wise beyond her years. Ana Sr could easily pass for someone in their mid-twenties. What a pair!







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