Anna Carey’s global arts practice

One of the recent Griffith University Queensland College of Art graduates, Anna Carey, has taken her homegrown creativity and passion and transferred it to the other side of the Pacific. This Gold Coast-born, now LA-based artist interweaves model-making, drawing and photography into fictive architectural, urban spaces from cities such as Gold Coast, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

Anna finished her post-graduate studies last year, and according to her own words, it took a pandemic lockdown to focus without distractions.

“Good news is that is done, so now I’m finally getting back into the studio working on a new series based on psychic shops. I’ve been watching a lot of supernatural tv shows to escape from my very dull, groundhog day existence, and I can’t help express this mood in my work.

“Also, since I’ve only been in LA, it is a reaction to my environment. These psychic shops surround me all over the city.”

Anna described her work to us.

“All [my work] is a bit different, but I usually start with a familiar place I encounter or a photograph which triggers a memory or feeling in me. This experience is the base of each work, and I want to make a similar place to create the same familiar feeling for the viewer. Like a moment of Déjà vu.

“I use my own imagination to fill in the blanks, and in turn, this creates a global, generic style and memory which brings up that strange yet familiar feeling for the viewer. I then photograph the model outside with the natural landscape or add a backdrop similar to a set. The photograph creates a disorientating experience similar to the strange yet familiar feeling we have when encountering a place that brings up memories.”

Anna has described her mind as very photographic and equally as dreamy. Her memory is like that of an elephant to the smallest visual detail. She works from her intuition, her gut feeling coming before rational thought.

“I am not very analytical or good with numbers, so I think the work is just my mind dwelling in its natural habitat.”

Like many in the younger generations, Anna is very much a citizen of the world, and her views on life, politics and art reflect this.

“[Los Angeles] is very different to the Gold Coast because the COVID numbers are dramatically worse here. We have basically been in lockdown for the whole year and can go back into a lockdown at any time,” she explained.

“I think that art always plays an important role in times of crisis as many people lean towards it for relief, healing and connection. However, like most industries today, art is suffering.

“The art world does exist in a hierarchical and capitalist reality, and what 2020 has revealed to everyone is that the less fortunate people in this reality are the ones that are suffering,” Anna continued.

“I don’t think that the art world is all that different. It is important to support and advocate for the less fortunate, local and emerging artists who are not benefiting from the capitalist system. The same [as it is] with inequality, racism, and climate change!”

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