Appearing at Wallapalooza: The Black Swamp

Blank got stuck in the sludge for five with The Black Swamp guitarist Jesse Kenny. Formed in 2012, TBS are quickly becoming SEQ’s banner-men for southern metal. After launching their Foulness EP at last year’s Wallapalooza, they’re returning to the Wallaby as part of two appearances on the 2015 tour.

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You guys seem to have been around forever. Tell me about the highlights?

We’ve been persistent over the last couple of years that’s for sure. We released a new single last October entitled Cold Dead Hands and ran a tour between Sydney and Gladstone off the back of it which definitely generated a few good stories. The last show on the run was the home town show at Cooly Hotel for Metalfields and it was our drummer Brendan’s birthday. It also turned out to be our former bass player Rick’s last show which we had a feeling might be the case so we made a good night of it and it was one of the rowdiest gigs we’ve played.


A quick look at some of your videos makes me think you guys love to perform live.

Good call there, I’d say for all of us the biggest payoff for being a part of the band is to play live. It’s the reason you’ll drive nine hours to Sydney at short notice to play in exchange for beer and pizza. The beer and pizza are great but the real payday is seeing new faces nod their heads along to your tunes. Recording doesn’t have that instantaneous feedback of the live show. You don’t really know if you’re on the right track.


Tell me about Wallapalooza and why it’s such a unique event?

It’s such a huge day with a really strong concept behind it. CIA have really set out to bring local music to the forefront of the Gold Coast’s attention and now that has bled interstate this year across multiple locations. The kicker is the diversity of the lineups. To be able to walk around the same venue and find a heap of really different acts across completely different genres is a lot of fun.


You get to take one Wallapalooza band on tour around the world. Who do you choose? 

That’s a pretty simple answer for us, Azreal.


What’s the one question you were hoping I’d ask you? 

Would you like some beer and pizza?

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Catch The Black Swamp at Wallapalooza when it hits New Globe Theatre in Brisbane on Saturday 6 June and Wallaby Hotel on Sunday 7 June.

The Black Swamp (pictured) are: Grant Scott, Jesse Kenny, Rohan Downs, Stewart Wren and Brendan Woodley


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