Aralunar Beagle on Cloud Nine ahead of single release

After spending a several months jamming away in the Canadian Rockies, Gold Coast psychedelic rockers Aralunar Beagle have headed back to the sunny shores of home with a reinvigorated sound (and minus one member.) We chatted with lead vocalist Finn Davoren in the lead up to their debut single release, Cloud Nine.

Tell us a bit about your Canada trip!

Canada was incredible! Admittedly, being isolated on a mountain in the Rockies wasn’t as conducive to music-making as we’d hoped but we kept ourselves busy snowboarding and exploring most days. Our musical performance was mostly limited to drunken karaoke and jam nights at pubs. Our keyboard player Liam was having so much fun he never came back, he’s probably hiking in the Andes somewhere right now.

How do you describe your sound to people who’ve never heard you?
We still place ourselves in the psych-rock category but a lot of our newer music has a bit more of a melodic surfy vibe to it. Our sound has changed a lot since we’ve been back, most notably; the lack of keyboards makes us a four-piece guitar band which sounds a lot heavier. It’s good though as now we write songs just for guitars and drums, which comes pretty naturally to us, being guitarists.

What’s the creation process like in the band?
Well Ryan (Lead guitar/vox) and I (Finn, Lead vox/guitar) do most of the initial songwriting and we generally write the lyrics for and sing our own songs but everyone has an input and they never sound the same before and after we work through them together. Everyone has their own tastes and styles and often if someone has a different vision for a given song we’ll trust them and go with it. Tom, being the drummer, tends to write the drum parts and Matt (bass) co-wrote to the lyrics for the single and is usually full of whacky ideas that we’re sometimes able to polish and take to the stage.

What can you tell us about Cloud Nine?
Cloud Nine will be our debut single and we’re releasing it on 10 Jan! It’s a short and sweet pop song with a surfy feel that we’re hoping will get stuck in your head on the first listen! We’ve played it live a few times now and we’re super excited about the response we’ve been getting so we’re hoping we get the same reception with the recorded version.

Cloud Nine the single will be released on 10 Jan. Aralunar Beagle will do a live launch at the Currumbin Creek Tavern on 14 January, with headliners TRAPDOOR and guests Peach Fur and Wootton Major.

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