Art Lovers Australia opens a physical gallery in Southport

Gold cialis 20 mg Coast-based online art gallery and art community, Art Lovers Australia, opened a gallery space in Southport this January.

Art Lovers Australia has been bringing artists and art overnight canadian viagra lovers together digitally since June 2016, and 2021 has already seen that virtual gathering place take a physical form as well.

“Last year saw many galleries and art spaces working on their online presence,” said Art Lovers Australia CEO and Founder, best prices on cialis Nancy Donaldson-Knight. “We did it the other way around, and after years of cementing our position online and finetuning our operations in the digital environment, we were ready to recreate that space out bricks and mortar too.”

“In just a few short years, we have kicked so many goals, including being the key art supplier on The Block TV series and working with Shaynna Blaze’s Selling Houses interior design team. We have also launched an Augmented Reality Hoverlay app to view art virtually on the walls of your own home,” Nancy continued.

“It is exciting to add to these achievements with the opening of a gallery space. We represent over 700 artists online and showcase more than 24,700 artworks in our online gallery. The obvious next step was to create a physical space to reflect that online hub and community.”

“Many artists struggle for ten, twenty years to get their art into galleries so what do they do in the meanwhile,” Jarrod Knight, Art Lovers Australia’s Artistic Director explained.

“We want to work in that space and offer services and support to those artists who are developing their skills, increasing their visibility.”

The opening exhibition of the gallery, Home, showcases some of Art Lovers Australia’s long-term artists and “best sellers”; Petra Meikle de Vlas and Kathleen Rhee together with Aylee Kim, Michelle Keighley, Sam canadian cialis Suttie, Grace Brown and Kate Constantin.

Home explores the emotional and physical landscapes, precious objects and architecture, and the deeply spiritual connection all of us have to home.

“We have the emotional and physical landscapes of Kathleen Rhee and Petra Meikle de Vlas, the still-lives of Sam Suttie, and the spiritual connection of the indigenous artists Kate Constantine and Grace Brown, to mention a few,” Nancy described the exhibition.

“Every artist responds to the same topic in a very diverse way and this is the way we wish to move forward in the future as well. We look to build our exhibitions around themes which then again allows us to showcase multiple artists simultaneously.”

“Our feature artists in this gallery are predominantly Gold Coast, Queensland and Northern New South Wales artists. Of course, artists from other parts of Australia are invited to participate as well but realistically the logistical and financial aspects do play a part too. If we can get the model working here on the Gold Coast, we would like to open physical galleries in other states next.”

True to their diverse ways of supporting Australian artists, Art Lovers Australia gallery offers an impressive program to the art-loving community too. The gallery has the next two years of exhibitions planned, Art Lovers Australia book launches scheduled in, social media workshops for creatives and interior design nights lined up. Not to forget an array of visual art workshops by accomplished artists from Art Lovers Australia including Rachel Favelle and Amica Whincop.

HOME exhibition opens 30 January. On Saturday 20 February Art Lovers Australia will be running a Social Media for Creatives Workshop from 2 to 4pm, for just $40. Bookings at 1800 278 568.

Art Lovers Australia Gallery is located in Unit 14, Brickworks Annex, 19 Warehouse Road, Southport. The gallery is open Monday to Thursday 9.30 am – 4 pm, and Friday to Saturday 9.30 am – 2 pm.

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