The music industry is tumultuous, but you can never expect something like this to happen. REAL//TALKS, the Gold Coast act that has wowed audiences for over two years, has announced they are breaking up after their final show at OTHERSIDE this Friday at Currumbin Creek Tavern.  REAL//TALKS  enjoyed positive reviews of their eponymous debut EP and have toured with acts like Jakarta Criers and Seavera. While the seven main members of REAL//TALKS get along really well, they all found themselves agreeing that they should split up, as lead singer Aldo Thomas explains.

“The struggle of trying to find a venue on the Gold Coast even though the industry is so strong is a bummer, and that is the main reason we are calling it quits. We ended up spending every weekend playing up in Brisbane and down in Byron Bay, avoiding our own city, and we couldn’t see the point in that. It’s a shame. It was never anything between the members of the band. Our little stint in the music industry is fun and I’m really proud of it.”

OTHERSIDE Launch NightThe closure of Swingin’ Safari and noise restrictions at other venues have no doubt solidified their decision to bring REAL//TALKS to an end, but that is where OTHERSIDE comes in. OTHERSIDE was deliberately created so that Gold Coast acts had another opportunity to play live in their hometown. OTHERSIDE’s launch night is headlined by REAL//TALKS along with Hushka coming down to represent the Brisbane music scene. Local legend Jackson James Smith joins the bill with his own fusion of indie rock, and finally Electric Zebra and Katie Who round out the list with their stage presences sure to inspire. OTHERSIDE launches this Friday at 7.30pm at Currumbin Creek Tavern for $10.

There is good news for REAL//TALKS fans though. The members of REAL//TALKS will continue on in other acts in the Australian music scene, so it is only a waiting game to see them pop up again. take the stage for the last time.


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