Åsgeir’s Splendour Afterglow

What’s better than playing Splendour In The Grass? Playing it twice! Åsgeir played in 2014 and loved it so much he is back this year. Don’t expect it to be the same show though, there’s a whole new album, Afterglow, to perform with a very different vibe than In The Silence. Erin Bourne had a chat to Åsgeir ahead of the release of Afterglow.

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It’s been a while since the release of In The Silence, what’s been happening?

We toured for three years for that album and there isn’t much time to write or work on new music. Once I got home I focussed on the writing.

Did you feel any pressure to produce a particular type of album?

I felt pressure for sure but there were a lot of other things I was dealing with at the time. The whole process has changed because I’m actually in the music industry now, I know so many people are going to hear and criticise the album. If forgot for a while why I was making music, it took some time to get back into the process and enjoy it.

So why do you make music?

I make music for myself. I started to write when I was about ten and it infected my life. I used to write and want a specific person to hear it but mostly for myself. It’s difficult when you’re in the industry, when something you love becomes just work. It becomes like hamburger music, just doing the same thing over and over. It’s easy to get lost, you have to just not think about it or let it ruin what you have.

Afterglow has quite a different sound to In the Silence, what inspired the change?

Many things! Mostly just me evolving in that direction, I became really interested in the production side of things. It’s been four years since the first album and I’ve changed, I’m human and always evolving. I originally started writing country songs, then folk songs (In the Silence), electronic songs (Afterglow) and now I want to get back to more stripped down.

Do you still work with your dad to write the lyrics?

Yes. Dad helped with some lyrics, he wrote about five songs on the album. My brothers also helped with the writing.

Aside from your brothers and your dad, who are your current influences and inspirations?

It’s hard to find something for me to really get into recently. I was listening to Tame Impala a lot while making this album. I also really like Sampha at the moment.

You’re playing Splendour again, what brings you back for that festival?

I loved it last time. It’s really exciting and great to play a festival but it can also be a little stressful. There is no time for soundcheck.

You’ve been described as an introvert, how do you deal with being on stage and in the public eye?

I go on stage to play my songs, the music speaks for itself. I don’t have to try to say something funny or interact too much. It used to be hard but I just had to get used to it. This show will be a little different with more visual aspects and different songs.

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Be immersed in the Afterglow when at Åsgeir  hitsSplendour In The Grass in July. The new Åsgeir album dropping 5 May

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