Ash Grunwald is bringing a ten-piece band to Broadbeach tonight

It seems like Ash Grunwald has a new lease on life. Nearly half-way through a year of sobriety and with some epic projects in the pipeline, the one-man blues band is taking his live set to a whole new level for Blues on Broadbeach tonight.

He’s bringing a massive ten-piece band with him for his headlining set at the Surf Parade stage.

“There’s five members – about half the members of Bullhorn,” he told Blank Gold Coast. “There’s Sheila from Tijuana Cartel and Scott and Andy from The Living End on bass and drums.”

Ian Peres from Wolfmother also joins the massive backing band.

What’s even more exciting is that Ash has been spending a heap of time honing his already impressive guitar skills.

“This year I’ve been practicing hard on the guitar solos so I just stand in the middle of this cacophony of sound having a bit of a shred on the guitar,” he said.

“It’s kind of the opposite to a one and band.”

Of course this weekend isn’t the first time Ash has appeared at Blues on Broadbeach. He says his last visit with a three-piece format was “just amazing, super fun.”

And while he has a new single due for release soon, he’s not sure whether he’ll play ‘Mountain’ or not.  “Because I haven’t rehearsed it with this band yet.”

Ash says the song came out of his subconscious and follows this positive life direction. That direction currently involves a year off the booze although that’s only part of it.

“I really tried hard not to write songs about that [sobriety] but I think it sort of worked in there a little bit,” he said.

“That’s been a part of it – but that kind of sparked something else. I was home schooling my daughter. And she was doing some work on growth mindset, for example, like I might say ‘I play guitar, but I’m not a shredder on guitar.’ But in growth mindset they were teaching the kids the word ‘yet’. So now at 41 I’m learning that the word yet is powerful. So… that changes to ‘I play guitar but I’m not a shredder….. yet’.”

And after seeing Ash perform just two songs on Tuesday night this week I can vouch for the new focus on guitar skills. And while something like that is always a work in progress, there’s much more shred going on now than ever before.

You do not want to miss Ash Grunwald and his ten-piece band tonight Friday 18 May at the Surf Parade stage from 9.00 – 10.15pm for Blues on Broadbeach.

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