Atticus Chimps: This Aint No Monkey Business

Gold Coast three piece Atticus Chimps are a band whose name is still relatively fresh and mysterious on the local music scene. But on the strength of their heavy hitting and unconventional yet catchy big rock sound, and with their upcoming east coast tour set to provide them with invaluable exposure and a batch of new converts, all that should be about to change.

Forming in late 2015, the past two years has seen the band settle on a permanent line up, cutting their teeth in the music biz as they’ve gone about steadily nailing their studio chops to capture the big, bold sound that is the band’s trademark in the live arena.

The results of this is a smashing new single, ‘Don’t Blame Me’, which the band are launching on 1 December at Snooker World. Following on from this they’ll be hitting the road for an embryonic east coast tour. In the lead up to these exciting developments, Blank Gold Coast chatted with Atticus Chimps guitarist and vocalist Sam Bray.

Are you pleased with how the new single, ‘Don’t Blame Me’ turned out – does it accurately represent the sound and vibe of the band? And do you have some other new recorded material in the works?

Absolutely. It took us months to mix this song; every time we thought it was ready we ended up going back and tweaking a few things. One of the problems with modern recording is that the microphones used are of such high quality that you end up spending a lot of time trying to get it to sound like a pulled back, raw and live performance – which is how our songs were designed to be heard. It’s a party song and is meant to be enjoyed in the company of others.

We have literally dozens of songs in the works. We’d love to go ahead and release them all at once, but with the nature of the modern music industry, that’s just not how people consume music these days. We’re going to be releasing single after single in the coming months, with a full EP release next year, and by the time we release that EP we’ll have a another one right around the corner.

Your east coast tour is just around the corner. What can fans expect from the Atticus Chimps live experience?

Fans can expect an upbeat, groovy and sweat-inducing rock show that’ll take you back a generation to when rock bands were well engrained in the mainstream music scene. We’ve been writing and practicing songs for a couple of years now and we’ve gotten to the point where our set is refined and polished with bangers from start to finish.

You guys have had a challenging journey to get to where you are now, and are no doubt frothing at the bit to have a massive 2018. What are your plans for local music domination next year!?

You’re right, it’s been a tough road so far. We’ve had our fair share of hiccups over the last couple of years but we’re finally starting to find our groove. We’re going to come back from our tour, re-assess and start organising the release of our next single and tour again in early 2018.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We’ve got songs that’ll blow people away and it’s only a matter of time before we explode on the Australian music scene. The time is now and 2018 is the year we become a household name!

Be sure to catch Atticus Chimps on the Gold Coast leg of their tour when they rock the house at Snooker World’s new live music venue on 1 December alongside Baltimore Gun Club and The Goldblooms.

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