Atticus Chimps: In It For The Long Haul

The last time we chatted with amped-up locals Atticus Chimps, they’d just detonated a pair of cracking singles in the form of ‘Bee Stung Lips’ and ‘Lead, Pretend’. At the time the boys mentioned that they were keen to continue to drip-feed us with new music over the coming months. And keeping true to their word, the grungy-rockers have just delivered a punchy new number in the form of ‘Your Direction’. The track continues with the band’s recent musical trajectory, delivering a riff-tastic, grunge infused fist pumper that is sure to get live audiences frothing and moshing.

There’s also been a recent shift in the band’s line up, which you can read about as part of a recent chat we had with the Chimpy duo just prior to them heading off on a quick May tour to showcase their chops to our southern rock brethren.

Since our last chat you’ve scaled back from a three piece to a duo. What’s the story with that?

Our previous bassist is a med student currently residing on the Sunshine Coast. Between his job commitments and the two hour commute, it just became too much of a burden on the band, so we had to part ways. We’d been toying with the idea of being a two-piece for a while though. Considering what you can do with loop and octave pedals now, the necessity of a bassist/guitarist combination isn’t quite as paramount to a bands overall sound as it once was.

Can you put us in the picture in regards to your cracking new single ‘Your Direction’?

It was written last year and is indicative of the kind of direction we’re aiming to take our music – more hard rock/heavy riffs as opposed to soft/pop-punky vibes, although there will always be remnants of that style in our music. It was recorded last month at Airlock Studios in Brisbane, which is owned and operated by former Powderfinger guitarist Ian Huang – how’s that for a name drop, eh?

Have you been working on any other new recorded material?

We’ve got loads of songs in the works. It’s just a matter of fleshing them out, getting them tight and then heading into the studio and recording them. It sounds a simple enough task but it can take months. We’re aiming to have a double single release in September along with another tour, and then rinse and repeat with new songs until we kick the bucket. We aint stoppin’…

What’s in store for the band over the coming 12 months?

Record beats, tour, repeat. Record beats, tour, repeat. Record beats, tour, repeat…

Atticus Chimps have just wrapped up an East Coast tour in support of their new single, ‘Your Direction’, which is out now, with more new music and live dates to follow a bit later in the year.

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