Aussie bush tucker takes on the world stage for Festival 2018 at NightQuarter

NightQuarter’s Festival 2018 food and culture events are set to tantalise the senses come April. One of the NightQuarter vendors is bringing his talents with traditional Aussie bush tucker onto the world stage. We caught up with Clinton Schulz of Clinto’s Kupmurri to find out a little more about his business and its involvement in the festivities.

Can you tell us how you will be involved in the Festival 2018 events at NightQuarter?

We will be liaising with NightQuarter and local First Nations mob about providing an authentic experience for punters during the Commonwealth Games. This includes a collaboration between artists, dancers, musicians, speakers, Elders and native foods gurus. We’ll be running our food truck, Clinto’s Kupmurri throughout the busiest week of the Games, providing punters with an authentic Australian cuisine using native ingredients, aka bush tucker. Some dishes are a contemporary version of traditional cooking, and others are dishes where we swap out as many imported/introduced ingredients for native ones. We cook with kangaroo, crocodile, emu, samphire, saltbush, native pepperberry, emu eggs, lemon aspen, Davidson plum, macadamia and finger lime, and much more. Guests will experience a variety of aspects of local Aboriginal culture at NightQuarter and our food will be just one part of that. I will also be running cooking demonstrations and providing Sobah non-alcoholic beer infused with bush tucker.

How does it feel to know you’ll be a part of such a massive event?

It’s exciting, a relief and daunting as well actually! It’s what we aimed to do by setting up both our businesses, Clinto’s Kupmurri food truck and Sobah Non-Alcoholic Beverages, last year. We wanted to be there at the Games as a part of a collective of First Nations Peoples to represent Aboriginal culture, not as a token or ornament, but as an experience people could engage with and learn from. It’s great to know that NightQuarter want to work with local mob to do this properly and respectfully, and it’s also great for us to be in a residency leading up to and during the Games.

NightQuarter will be open for business from 12.00pm for every day during GC2018 and will have a range of cultural, musical and food events on offer.

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