A E Hilton

Aoife (Ee-fa) Hilton is a freelance journalist and Aussie Indie music fan from Brisbane. She specialises in arts and entertainment writing, occasionally volunteering articles to https://www.supanova.com.au/news/. Aoife can be found at QUT where she studies Journalism and Creative Writing, in Fortitude Valley being tempted out of her various internships by the promise of live music, or at home being distracted by her spoodle, Ralph.

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Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman is a freelance writer devoted to different literary mediums - including poetry and fiction - who explores his passion for surf, music and art culture through journalism. With his background in creative writing & literature, Aaron enjoys collaborating with creative individuals and companies to produce feature content for various publications. A major part of his writing process lies in ekphrasis, which is why he dedicates his time to photography and experimentation with different cameras and film types.

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Amy Gould

Hailing from UK and NZ, Amy has chosen to live on the Gold Coast for its outdoor lifestyle and 'beaches for days'. Amy's dream is to be a freelance writer and editor and she brings her passion for the environment to Blank, seeing a real need for more mainstream media attention around local environmental issues. She writes with a yearning to preserve our enviable natural environments, improve sustainability of built environments and to encourage positive action in our communities. Amy also enjoys expressing herself through poetry, film photography and yoga and when she's not working, can be found on a beach somewhere between here and northern NSW.

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Amy Mitchell-Whittington

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Andrew Scott

Born August 1981 in Brisbane Lives in Palm Beach with no cats The earlier years of my adulthood were spent skirting across tennis courts as a professional competitor and coach. This lifestyle aligned nicely with my belief that real jobs were best left for everyone else. Now in my second year apprenticeship for small business management within the entertainment industry, I get to avoid any further work by writing, speaking on radio and creating film. I don’t live inside a box so I certainly don’t think or write from within one. For example, I once picked up a cake with both hands and ate it like a burger. Winning at life!

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Ashleigh Odjers-Jewell

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Bernie Palings (Bernie the Polite Girl)

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Brendan Shanahan Photo

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Catherine Gunther

Catherine Gunther is a Americana Songwriter and Journalist currently interning for Blank GC. She is studying music at the Queensland Conservatorium and is about to graduate with a Bachelor of Popular Music. She loves all styles of music but is a great fan of Folk, Americana, Country, Pop and Blues.

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Chris Barron

Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisbarron_

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Christie Ots

Hola, I’m Christie! I’m a music fiend, who lives behind the lens and believes the pen is definitely mightier than the sword. Being an enthusiastic music supporter and photographer I find people fascinating. Having graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Literature & Communications I think supporting the arts community on the Gold Coast is necessary to make an impact on our culture. To quote Bob Marley "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain".

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Danny Santangelo

Sharp shooter Danny Santangelo moved to the Gold Coast from New South Wales when he was 19 and has no intention of ever leaving our sunny shores. A real all-rounder, Danny’s decade-long portfolio includes weddings, landscapes, sports and event photography, but his major loves are surf photography and live music, a field in which he’s been lucky enough to cover Bluesfest, Gold Coast Music Awards and much more. His career highlight so far was shooting the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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Emily Hosking

Currently studying a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium, Emily is no stranger to the music industry. With an intensive background in musical theatre and performance, Emily spends a lot of time writing and producing her own music, however her heart is set on promoting the music and careers of other talented creatives. Emily currently runs her own Music Artist Management company (www.emilyhoskingmanagement.com) and is proud to represent numerous Gold Coast and South East Queensland based bands. Other experience includes: Marketing Coordinator for '2high Festival 2013', Co-Manager of 'Blah! Radio' (www.blahradio.com) and booking for numerous Gold Coast music venues.

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Emily Russell

Emily loves people and books so she decided to combine the two and work in a library. Her reading habit sometimes means that she’s reclusive or running on little to no sleep, depending on the quality of her current novel. She’ll talk books and authors to anyone who will listen; her mission is to enlighten the Gold Coast to great literature with her book reviews. When she isn’t devouring novels or writing for Blank, she loves to travel, see live music, run amok at festivals, swim, walk, bake, or bliss out to some good tunes.

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Erin Bourne

Erin is a yoga and pilates geek, Science nerd, a very average surfer and wannabe ballerina. She is also one of those rare people who was actually born and grew up on the Gold Coast. While her severe phobia of Winter takes her travelling often, Erin always returns home to the Coast and her beagle Walter. She can be found teaching regular yoga, pilates and barre classes around the Gold Coast, she also facilitates on teacher trainings here, interstate and overseas. Erin gets a little over excited about the immense benefits of yoga and pilates, believing the world would change if everyone practiced.

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Gina Martin

Gina Martin is a music lover. It’s plain and simple. Having lived above her family’s recording studio, Lovestreet Studios, music flows through her mind endlessly. Given her first vinyl records and turntable at 15 she has been collecting vinyl gems ever since. When all attempts at playing musical instruments failed because of her clumsy hand-eye coordination she turned to her records, finding solace in their nostalgia. A self-proclaimed professional music appreciator, Gina prides herself on sharing the music she loves with as many people as possible! Hosting a weekly show on Gold Coasts’ Rabbit Radio, Gina is attempting to cure the world of Bieber fever, 33 revolutions a minute.

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Glenn Tozer

When he's not being a Councillor for the best city in the world (Gold Coast, in case you're unaware), Glenn loves to champion music and culture. He co-produces Summertime Sessions in the Village with the awesome Polly Armstrong, hosts house gigs with local and touring musicians, negotiates tours locally with Woodfordia’s regional tour Festival of Small Halls, and champions a variety of arts and culture programming in the Hinterland and greater city. He’s previously been the chairperson for local community radio stations and with his wife Jude he runs a little multimedia production company for the NFP sector called FishFilms. He likes to write for Blank GC in his spare time, for fun.

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Jake Wilton

I’m a first year journalism student at Griffith University and volunteer music director and presenter at local community/online radio station Rabbit Radio. I'm an avid (extremely avid) music listener and write music reviews for my blog and some for the Rabbit Radio newsletter. I've been doing radio presenting since grade 11, first at Radio Metro now at Rabbit Radio, and ultimately want to pursue that career path in the future.

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Jay boy (Sessionkatz)

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Jessie Ryan-Allen

Jessie Ryan-Allen is a 20 year old musician and all-round creative who loves meaningful thought-provoking art and the people who create it. Having taken to the airwaves of radio with her own show she has interviewed bands such as Art vs. Science and Australian music legend Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool). Jessie certainly doesn’t shy away from a challenge or an adventure, she has covered music festivals and written for the online music channel, The Velvet Orange Chair. Putting pen to paper for Blank Magazine Jessie will have her hand firmly on the pulse of the Gold Coast music scene.

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Julia Schafer

Julia Schafer is passionate about sustainable living, loves to get down and dirty in the garden and is a power tool princess. Her love of writing lead her to start her blog five years ago titled www.farewellmymanicure.com which has just recently morphed into a Web TV show via Youtube where she discusses topics from Simple Suburban Sustainability tips to DIY projects and Urban Gardening. Over the last two years she has written for Earth Garden Magazine, Grass Roots Magazine and now has added Blank GC to her repertoire where she contributes as an Environmental writer. Facebook - www.facebook.com/farewellmymanicure www.facebook.com/julia.k.schafer www.facebook.com/groups/ecoeveryday Twitter - @farewellmm Instagram - #farewellmymanicure

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Katie Hooper

Lover, Mother, Part-Time Hippy, Foodie, Milliner, Interiors Artist, Writer, Dreamer, Burlesquer, Smiler. As a lover of life Katie is the first to find new happenings, divine food, heavenly fashions, and beautiful sites. After half a life time of travelling the world Katie loves her new settled Gold Coast life. What could be better than a morning surf, BBQ breakfast, skate, cruiser bike ride, cafe lunch, Mt Warning bush walk then dinner in a fabulous restaurant? With a gorgeous family to boot!

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Keiren Bond

Writing, reporting and hosting her own radio show has turned Keiren into a culture devouring creature incapable sitting still for a moment in fear of missing out on the certain fun going down on the Gold Coast. Currently on the last stretch of her Journalism degree, Keiren is intent on discovering enticing tales to share with the world and particularly the lovers of Blank GC.

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Kylie Cobb

Recently hailed​ ​as one of the leading women behind Australia's booming music scene, Kylie Cobb is hell-bent on powering-up creatives with strategic, creative publicity and marketing, sharing her insights, tips and more as a monthly music columnist for Blank GC.

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Kylie Mitchell-Smith

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Leigh Kelly

Leigh Kelly

With 25 years of Music Festivals and a plethora of Independent Tours and small gigs in his blood, Leigh captures images with a different eye than most. You'll find Leigh working alongside the biggest names in the Music business, most weekends, and dedicated to the keyboard producing a wide range of digital content during the week.

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Leisen Standen

Based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, I am a creative soul who is never far from the ocean. I love the lifestyle of living in a warm and vibrant coastal town, where having the perfect work / life balance is attainable and stress free. My creativity is explored through music and writing, but I am most passionate about photography. My passion began when shooting scenic and landscape images of the beautiful coastline, later developing into a career in photojournalism, portraiture, fashion and event photography.

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Lisa Smith

Lisa is an actor, director, producer and maker of theatre, with a passion for creative collaborations and creating new works that are challenging, dynamic journeys for participating artists and audiences alike. Lisa established White Rabbit Theatre Ensemble in 2012 and has produced and directed several works with the company, including the QLD tour of the world premier season of 'The Grand' by Victoria Carless. Lisa also works with Bleach* Festival and as a drama educator for children and youth with Take 3 Studios. A proud third generation Gold Coaster, Lisa is committed to contributing to and nurturing the growth of arts and culture in this beautiful city. She is delighted to join the team at Blank as a theatre writer.

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Locke Fitzpatrick

Journalism Student at University of Queensland; http://restlesssuburbia.com/

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Mic Smith

Mic Smith is a local journalist, photographer, playwright and surfer from Nobbys Beach. His work has appeared on ABC Open, News 24, Radio National, Overland, La Mama Theatre, Asia Life, Tuoi Tre, Groundreport and Australian Longboarder. Subject matter of his conservation articles include coastal birds, humpbacks, green sea turtles, rhinos and Vietnam’s primates and elephants. Mic, who in a former life studied veterinary science, is passionate about protecting fauna and marine life. He has two blogs. Mic Smith Geographic about culture and conservation; and Gold Coast Ibis: Mozart and Coltrane, which is completely absurd.

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Nae Kurth

Nae Kurth is a writer, psychologist, Nobel Prize laureate, and astronaut. (Two of these may be slight exaggerations. Three, depending on your writing standards). She consults on depictions of mental illness in fiction. You can find her at @naekurth

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Natalie O'Driscoll

Natalie O'Driscoll is a freelance writer, musician and mum of Cyclone Charlie. Originally from Brisbane, she has put down roots on the Gold Coast and adores her adopted home with the zeal of the converted. Natalie is the Managing Editor for Blank, a senior writer and all around dogsbody. She can be contacted at news@blankgc.com.au

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Natalie O'Driscoll

Natalie O'Driscoll is a freelance writer, musician and mum of Cyclone Charlie. Originally from Brisbane, she has put down roots on the Gold Coast and adores her adopted home with the zeal of the converted. Natalie is the Managing Editor for Blank, a senior writer and all around dogsbody. She can be contacted at news@blankgc.com.au

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Olivia Gane

Olivia is a freelance writer, songwriter and emerging film producer who was born and raised on the Gold Coast. With big hopes and dreams, she graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Film and TV in 2019, where she focused on writing for different creative mediums. Known otherwise as OMRA in the music world, she is passionate about furthering the reach of local artists and sharing inspiring true stories that contribute to the fabric of our growing creative scene.

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Peter Wheeler

Inspired by his eldest son and motivated by a stressful job, Peter purchased a camera in 2015. He wanted something that would force him to stop, take in his surroundings and appreciate the 'now'. After shooting longtime favourites Dinosaur Jnr at Miami Shark Bar in Jan 2017 for Blank GC, and Sunnyboys / Celibate Rifles / Ed Keupper at Nightquarter in Feb 2017, Peter was hooked. Since then photography has had him out of the house most weeks. He's shot well in excess of 50 bands and a few festivals, too. Big names include Ed Sherran, Neil Finn, Tim Minchin, John Butler, You Am I, The Whitlams, Regurgitator, Tex Perkins, Missy Higgins, The Aints, The Church, Grinspoon, Jedediah, Cosmic Psychos, Amy Shark, and The Chats, along with local heroes such as Electrik Lemonade, Hussy Hicks, Baltimore Gun Club, Trapdoor, Tijuana Cartel, IVEY, Ella Fence, Eleea and MNVR. "Going to an event without my camera is like turning up with only one eye." - Peter Wheeler

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Petra Salo

Petra has held a long term interest in the relationship between food and health. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at Bond University. Although raised in Finland, Petra now calls Burleigh Heads her home having lived here for 13 years. She feels lucky to ‘be able to call the two of the best countries in the world her homes’.

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Pip Andreas

Pip Andreas owns The Mind Centre, a psychology and counselling practice in Varsity Lakes. Pip has lived on the Gold Coast for 10 years and has been meditating on and off for 17 years.

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Pip Andreas

Pip Andreas owns The Mind Centre, a psychology and counselling practice in Varsity Lakes. Pip has lived on the Gold Coast for 10 years and has been meditating on and off for 17 years.

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Prudence Clark

Prudence is a freelance writer, English teacher and aspiring drummer, whose life long dream is to play in a kick-ass punk band. Her passion for music borderlines on the obsessive and she spends half of her free time exploring every inch of the Byron Bay and Gold Coast beaches and the other half catching gigs and chasing the best Negroni.

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Rachael Tilly

Rachael Tilly, originally from San Clemente California, is now based and living on the Gold Coast of Australia. A former WSL Longboard World Champion and recent university graduate, she spends her time traveling, competing, and surfing around the world. She’s passionate about the longboard industry and serves as theWomen’s Surfers Representative on the WSL Longboard World Tour. As she continues to build experience as an athlete and using her sport management degree, she hopes to make a positive impact in the longboard and overall surf industry over the span of her career.

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Richard Scott

Richard Scott is an English freelance writer based in Palm Beach. After a short stint in London, writing sport for The Times, he is far happier living on the Gold Coast with his Australian wife, Josephine, and young son, Teddy. Richard has been published in print and online Down Under, including Australian Geographic, FourFourTwo, Money magazine, Courier Mail, Junkee, AWOL, FHM and Cleo

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Salvador Emilio Cantellano

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Samantha Morris

Having been to primary school, high school and university here on the Gold Coast, Sam is pretty passionate about the local arts scene as well as the natural environment. With vivid memories of our golden era of live music venues and heavily involved in the Student Council while at uni, Sam is also a budding local music historian. Blank GC is Sam’s brainchild and she’s part owner as well as being the primary local music writer. But Sam’s other job is in community engagement and facilitation in regional communities, with a focus on sustainability. She’s been lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s largest (and smallest) conservation groups and as a result has been awarded a Young Australian of the Year award in Queensland for her environmental work and in 2013 was named as one of Queensland's Champions of Conservation. In 2014, she received a Golden Gecko Award from the Gold Coast's peak environment group. After launching Blank GC and seeing the growing need for support for local musicians and music businesses, Sam and her mate Chloe also launched the annual Gold Coast Music Awards, which had its first run in 2015. The event now takes place on the beach in Surfers Paradise with the Esplanade closed to traffic so that the red carpet can be rolled out for local rock stars along the sand. Sam’s a solo parent to a hyperactive kid and as well as writing for Blank is a freelance writer for other organisations wanting to create environment, art and culture content.

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Sarah Tayler

Sarah Tayler was imported from London in August 2015. In the last four years she has visited 26 different countries, and lived in five. She currently spends her days on the Gold Coast, waterskiing at the lake, cycling along the beach or tending to her many potted plants. When she is not out searching the coast for new and exciting activities for Blank GC readers she can be found splashing around on the beach in Cooly learning to surf. Check out www.itsonlyaplanerideaway.com for her latest adventures.

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