Azreal play GC and Brisbane legs of Wallapalooza

GC four-piece Azreal have made a major impression on the local scene since forming in 2008, rocking solid crowds with their energetic, fast paced and intensely heavy live shows. With their current powerhouse lineup of Luke Hosking (Centre Right: Vocals), Jimmy Glinster (Far Left: Lead Guitar), Scott Campbell (Far Right: Bass Guitar) and Chris Dennis (Centre Left: Drums), Azreal are in their prime form to show Wallapalooza punters exactly what they are made of.

We had the chance to throw a few questions at Jimmy Glinster (guitar).

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What’s the best thing about events like Wallapalooza?

It brings so many like minded musicians to one central point and creates a massive crowd for all to perform to. It also creates a great day of entertainment for all the punters with a range of genres and styles to get into


You can take one other band on the Wallapalooza lineup on a world tour?

Without a doubt it would be The Black Swamp because we always have a blast every time we play a show with those guys. We also have similar no bullshit metal styles. The Swamp’s southern style, and our groove infused thrash seem to work really well together and it’s seems that we share some of our most loyal fans. We have also already spent a considerable amount of time in the tour bus with them and there wasn’t any major BO problems, which is a blessing on a ten-hour ride. I am not too sure about their new bass player Rohan though, he looks like he could be a bit of a stinker.


What do you think about the Gold Coast music scene?

The scene is battling ridiculous sound restrictions and the minimisation of performance spaces due to the ever increasing size of poker machine rooms and family dining areas. This isn’t a new battle, it’s one we have been facing for at least 15 years. The scene goes through waves and fights the same battles time and time again. Fortunately at the moment though it appears that the support for live original music is starting to build again and it is hopefully only a matter of time before a fresh new venue pops up and gives us all a place to perform our art. It ain’t gonna happen unless we all get behind it though, and showing your support for Wallapalooza by going to the show this year is the first step. Go on then, get to it …


What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened at one of your gigs?

Well, when we were down in Sydney about a month there was a guy stage diving/ belly flopping/face planting off our 1ft high performance platform straight onto the concrete floor. He was slam dancing with the walls and concrete pylons. I am not sure exactly what he was trying to achieve but it was entertaining to say the least.


What’s the best thing about being a musician on the Gold Coast?

As our good friend Barry Martin would say “we are only in it for the drugs and the women” … (jokes)


Azreal hit Wallapalooza stages on Saturday 6 June in Brisbane and on Sunday 7 June at the Wallaby Hotel in Mudgeeraba.


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