The Badlands kick off national tour in support of their new EP “Perfect Loser”


Hailed by Tone Deaf as ‘One of the top 10 stoner rock bands of all time’, The Badlands are definitely one of the Gold Coast’s bands to watch. Kicking off a national tour this week in support of their latest EP “Perfect Loser”, The Badlands provide a raucous combination of robust, energetic sound that sets crowds into a state of heightened, playful, mosh-induced rock and roll mayhem. With several notable support slots also under their belt, including British India, Wolfmother, Brant Bjork and The Delta Riggs, the band are set to reach some untold heights with their offering of floor-quaking, guttural, dirty rock ’n’ roll. We recently caught up with the band ahead of their tour to chat about balancing their tour lives with their creative ones and the process of recording their latest release.


Blank GC: How did you all meet and why did you decide to create music together?

Tommy: Pauly and I met years ago and had played music for a while and worked together at a Surf School in Byron. Our drummer Massimo met Pauly several times at house jams but it wasn’t until we jammed that we decided we wanted to keep playing together. We had other projects going on separately, but Pauly and Massimo had discussed playing together and as the other projects dissolved The Badlands took their place, which felt completely right for us all. Alexx and Pauly met on a job site and the rest is history.

The band basically came together over a bottle of Southern Comfort – writing a few songs together. It all came together quickly and naturally and so it was on.


Blank GC: What’s the story behind the title of your newest EP, Perfect Loser?

Pauly: Perfect loser is the title track of the Ep because it pretty much sums up the vibe of the music. It’s essentially an oxymoron. And we liked the irony.


Blank GC: What was the recording process like for perfect Loser?

Tommy: We tried to capture the energy we have when we play live without over producing. We pretty much recorded it live to help get that live sound. Couldn’t have done it without our producer Cam.


Blank GC: Where do your influences for your music stem from?

Alexx: in a nutshell, 60’s, 70’s rock n’ roll and 90’s grunge rock.


Blank GC: How do you balance touring and writing at a time in the industry where touring is vital to the survival of many bands?

Massimo: We all have jobs and we meet up regularly to hang out or jam. When we organise to tour we make it work regardless. Always make it work.


Blank GC: What can we expect from your upcoming string of live shows?

Alexx: It’s a Surprise.  😜😎


You can catch The Badlands at their Gold Coast show on 3 December at The Liars Bar.

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