Baltimore Gun Club talk awards, gigs, and new music

2018 was a huge year for Baltimore Gun Club, and 2019 is shaping up to be just as big. Last year the popular hard rockers took out People’s Choice at the Gold Coast Music Awards (GCMAs), smashed out a UK tour and have been busily working away in the studio since. Now on the verge of releasing their second album into the hands (and ears) of excited fans, we wondered how the guys themselves are feeling about everything that’s happened and everything that’s to come. We thought we’d shoot bass player Hryma a few questions ahead of the album’s release, just to check in.

What did it mean to you to win People’s Choice at the last GCMAs?

Literally a shock. We booked into perform at the Hard Rock the same night as the GCMAs, it’s just what we do and enjoy doing, we don’t like turning down a show. We rocked up to the music awards and hung around as long as we could, it’s a great event but we had to bail and didn’t think we had a chance anyway, haha. Sitting at the Hard Rock before going on and Ronnie’s like “hey (turning his phone to us), we just won the People’s Choice award. We. Just Won. The People’s. Choice award!!” Probably a few expletives followed, but for certain we were ecstatic! Psymon had to settle his nerves and take a breather, so he went down stairs for a choke, Ronnie followed, and no more than 10 seconds later they were back up the stairs with Samantha (Morris) and crew in tow. That’s the long version, frankly we’re pretty chuffed! As well as it looking good on our resume, it’s great to see we’ve been acknowledged. We try and work really hard at what we do, particularly behind the scenes, managing ourselves the best we can, with a DIY attitude and as a group effort. So to receive that award, we’re very grateful.

Tell us a bit about the new album: Does it represent classic BGC or is it a musical evolution for you?

Ah well, it’s still BGC in flavour, but people will be (pleasantly) surprised. Without giving anything away there’s styles and tracks on there that any BGC listener could listen to with their grandparent or toddler and (hopefully) still find it pleasing themselves. Hey, if we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t play it.

What are your thoughts on the current Gold Coast music scene?

2018 Wallapalooza festival, amazing! The majority of the acts on that bill were local and all talent! Most people who don’t follow it probably think of it as a metal festival, but that year they put on an event with such an eclectic mix and everyone’s super friendly and it was a great turn out. Anyone who wasn’t there missed out! It is still part of the live music scene unfortunately, getting people along to shows, that’s anywhere, but I feel there is a growth, the younger gen are starting to get the idea (we’re hoping) that you can see some cool shit and hear some damn good original music, probably before a shit national station claims the song as their discovery. New venues such as Mo’s Desert Clubhouse and Vinnie’s Dive Bar are putting on awesome local acts and international. And it looks like people are turning up.

Was there anything particularly challenging, funny or bizarre that happened in the process of putting your new album together?          

During a break I kicked a baby. Don’t jump to conclusions, it was a ghost statue baby in a haunted virtual reality game. It scared the shit out of me! We did have a lot of fun recording this one, it’s our 2nd time recording with Jeff Lester at Shift Studios and we felt more comfortable this time, not just because it’s our 2nd time recording but he’s such a champion and he’s a brother to us. He let us experiment with all types of recording processes. We might have caused a few grey hairs for the poor bugger.

Does it have a name you can tell us about yet?

We’ve settled on ‘Baltimore Gun Club’, we figure it’s an album that represents us and possibly more in the direction of what’s to come. And for those who don’t know our name comes from the Jules Verne novel – ‘From the Earth to the Moon’, and the cover has a bit of a Jules Verne theme.

What is BGC hoping for in 2019?

More live music venues for the Gold Coast and more gigs.  Hit us up!

If you’d like to hit Baltimore Gun Club up for a gig, then email You can see the guys live at Rhino’s launch show on 8 Feb at Tomcat in Fortitude Valley, and follow them on Facebook for news of the new album’s release in early April. They’ve also hinted at a possible surprise drop for the clip of the second single from the album, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one!

IMAGE (c) Trace McLean

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