BANG BANG THEY SHOT YOU DOWN: Baltimore Gun Club launch Apollo

There’s some weird voodoo hanging around the boys (Anthony, Psymon and Christian) from Baltimore Gun Club. In the course of Jake Wilton’s twenty minute chat in the bustling Chevron Renaissance complex, we found out the odd coincidences of Baltimore Gun Club’s biggest single, Apollo, how Anthony’s animating skills came to the attention of one of his idols and that Psymon and Jake went to the same high school. Although to joyfully add a Seinfeld quote to the fray, “There are no big coincidences or small coincidences. There are just coincidences!”

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The day we spoke, Baltimore Gun Club’s Pozible campaign to release their debut album reached its goal of $4000, even exceeding it by $350. While the final product looks squeaky clean from the outside, the band, however, weren’t resting on their laurels.

“I’ve spent the past three days on the toilet shitting myself hoping it would come through… And it did,” humorously reassured Psymon.

“Just toward the end of the campaign, a bit of human fear, as opposed to dog fear, crept in,” laughed Anthony.

The overtly stressful times are history for Baltimore Gun Club. For now, at least, they can firmly hold that record in their hands and stand in pride. Innerspace, not to be confused with Tame Impala’s first record, Innerspeaker, is the Gold Coast three-piece’s debut record – something Baltimore Gun Club have been chipping away at for years. In between the slog of part time jobs, university and TAFE courses and animating their own music video, the guys are proud to release their debut effort this month.

Recorded in the Darling Downs in November of last year over a four day period, the band have been mixing the album progressively over the past nine months. Having to juggle personal lives in the midst of crafting their passion, Psymon and the rest of the boys wanted to be sure that their first index into their Wikipedia page was to be a full-length rather than an EP.

It was wildly exhilarating to be chatting to such a young band who had their priorities checked off in such a calculated way. An unfortunate trend for Gold Coast and Brisbane music scenes is the unending wave of singles and EP releases that never progress – even several years of the band’s career – to a full-length product. Baltimore Gun Club, however, wanted to break free from that cycle at the beginning.

“We wanted our first release to be an album and a good one at that. Not some crummy 4-track recorded CD done in our bedroom or garage,” insisted Psymon.

Apollo is but one of the few tracks that Baltimore Gun Club have released to the public. Named after the Apollo Lodge where the group was staying in the Darling Downs while recording Innerspace, the song means a whole lot more to the band than might be perceived.

“When we went back to Toowoomba to play a gig a few months [after recording the album], we checked back into the Apollo Lodge,” retells Psymon. “We got word that Apollo was going to be on Rage tonight while we were staying at the Apollo where Apollo was first conceived. It was like some crazy synchronicity.”

The video clip for the track is particularly special to Baltimore Gun Club. Anthony hand animated the entire video from scratch – a feat clearly worth bragging about. A process, Anthony tells me, that lasted over three months of endless nights drawing and animating until it was worthy of Nickelodeon. Part of the tireless inspiration came from an iconic meeting with one of Nickelodeon’s best, John Kricfalusi – the creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show.

The pair became close when Anthony was commissioned by the infamous animator to design a toy sculpting. After a little back-and-forth between email, Anthony did a small amount of work with one of his childhood inspirations – lending Anthony to take up an animation degree at university years later.

The overall goal of the band’s Pozible campaign was to finance the release of their debut album. Although, like all good crowdfunding appeals, chipping in results in some spectacular goodies. There were the usual options of signed CDs, vinyl records (impressive for a local band’s debut album, might I add) and bundles with rare t-shirts. Yet the real standout was the option for the three-piece to arrive at your house, make some sandwiches, play some music in your backyard and just hang out, in general. Too bad that option has been taken because Baltimore Gun Club are nothing short of a pleasure to have as company for an afternoon.

“We’ll come to your home, make some food, play yahtzee, play some music whatever you want! We’ve all enrolled in a cooking class in preparation,” joked Psymon.

“We were all quite amazed that someone took that because not many people just give out $500 these days,” humbly added Christian.

That date has yet to come to fruition for the band, something to look forward to including the impeding album launch taking place in Brisbane’s oldest sweat-joint, the Zoo. Baltimore Gun Club will then head out on a “proper” east coast tour hitting both regional and metropolitan areas alike.

“We’ve been laying low until the album comes out but we’ll have our launch in Brisbane then do Ballina, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Ballarat and looking for a few places in between during September. Then we’ll probably begin work on album number two,” confirms Psymon.

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Baltimore Gun Club launch their debut album, Innerspace Friday 11 September at the Zoo, Brisbane.

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