BANG ON! With a bangin’ bio

​A bangin’ bio is a must for every band or musician, big or small, emerging or established.

​E​ver wondered why or how the band or musician next door is getting all those interviews, reviews and cool gig opportunities?

Good music aside, a bangin’ bio is one of your most powerful weapons to power-up your industry profile.

At its best, a biography can be the difference between someone listening to your tracks, making you the feature article, or receiving more prominence on the event website.

Or, at its worst, being dismissed, dropped to the cutting room floor, passed over for a band with a more credible, interesting story or worse still, simply used as is, doing no favours to raising ​said band’s profile.

So, what does a bangin’ bio look like?

The biographies that stand out to me are descriptive yet succint (one page, two MAX!), as they:

  • Tell a story – albeit brief, concise and intersting! This is your chance to  stand apart from others. You could view this as the part where a journo might find your story headline.
  • Establish credibility – notable achievements including venues, events, tours, collaborations, festivals, releases, nominations, awards etc.
  • Evoke the senses – create a clear picture in the reader’s mind of what they will see, hear, feel and smell (mabye?!) when listening to your tracks or watching a show.
  • Contain one or more media quotes – other people are vouching for your brilliance, how cool is that?
  • Include quality, professional, high resolution photography – a range of landscape vs portrait, closeup and full-body.
  • Link to ONE place to view and hear tracks and videos – create a press kit, don’t send them traversing all over the internet to hear and see you because they most likely won’t. But, more on that in next month’s column!

Sound like a tall order? So is sifting through hundreds of submissions! Take the hard work out of promoting you and watch your bangin’ bio work harder for you.

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