BANG ON. How to crack the Amrap community radio charts.

In today’s musical landscape of streaming and playlists as a major mode of music discovery, is seeking community radio airplay still a relevant and worthwhile pursuit?

In the scope of building a grass-roots music industry profile – I say hell yes. Emerging artists earning airplay on community radio is still a critical component to any emergent music release strategy because:

  • Almost 5 million Australians listen to community radio every week – that’s a lot of new ears and new fans who are specifically seeking new, local music.
  • Airplay statistics, especially charting, provides powerful, profile-raising credibility for your press kit.
  • Interviews provide awesome opportunities for your audience to engage and connect with you. And, it’s perfect practice for nailing future, high profile media opportunities.

I’m no radio plugger, which is why I sat with the folks from The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) at BIGSOUND early this month to find out exactly how you score more community radio airplay and better still, how you crack the Amrap community radio charts.

Amrap runs community radio’s music distribution service AirIt. More than 3000 program makers at 300 stations log in to Airit to order new Aussie tracks for airplay. This fantastic service is 100% free for musicians and stations to use!

So, what do you need to do?

Apply for a free Amrap Airit account and add up to three tracks, which stations can preview, order for airplay and add to their station’s library.

Use Amrap’s physical distribution service (for a small fee). They’ll send it to the stations most likely to play your stuff.

Use your Amrap report to see which stations have ordered your music. Note, this does not mean they have played it, which is why you should email each one to say thank you and follow their socials!

And, here is the BIG ONE…As with much of my advice around publicity and raising your industry profile, it’s all about building authentic relationships with the people who support your music.

Use the Airplay Search on the Amrap website regularly, it gives you everything you need to:

  • Send an email to say thank you
  • Follow them on all socials as your official music page
  • Promote their show/ station
  • Engage with their posts on an ongoing basis (not just when they play you)

BANG baby! If the music is great and your relationships greater, you’ll be charting and building your bangin’ profile in no time. Thank you community radio and thank you Amrap!

Find out more and apply here.

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