Banksy is coming to the Gold Coast for Signs of the Time

Urban Art, Guerilla Art, Graffiti… whatever you call it, Street Art is a medium which allows artists to strip away the filters and middle men, and communicate directly with their intended audience.

One of street art’s most successful and widely-known proponents is anonymous English artist Banksy, whose works have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction – but more importantly – who has provided a voice for the disenfranchised generations who have gathered in droves to check out his latest social commentaries. Now, in a huge coup for the Gold Coast City Gallery, artwork by Banksy will be on display for eager Gold Coast art lovers as part of upcoming exhibition, Signs of the Time.

Signs of the Time is a Gold Coast exclusive exhibition of world-renowned, national and local urban artists from the private collection of Ken McGregor and commissioned by Gold Coast City Gallery. The exhibition will feature works from urban art megastars including; Banksy’s Nola (White Rain); Bambi, Britain’s best-known female street artist, and her iconic Amy Winehouse portrait Amy Jade; the godfather of stencil art Blek Le Rat’s statement self-portrait The Man Who Walks Through Walls, French Flag, Iranian street artist A1One’s anti corporation work East Resist and Swoon’s social struggle artwork Street Sweeper.


In conjunction with the exhibition, the Gallery is taking art live to the streets with two commissions to artists being offered through the Shedload of Street Art project. Applications closed 9 January and an announcement about the successful artist or artists is expected soon.

Housed outdoors next to The Arts Centre Gold Coast are two corrugated iron storage work sheds, which the Gallery sees as two ‘blank canvasses’, awaiting transformation by those artists. The works will be completed in the week leading up to exhibition’s opening where visitors can view the finished results.

There will be a number of special events held across the Cultural Precinct during the exhibition where visitors can observe and engage with live art, urban artists and workshops and enjoy a festival atmosphere of skate demos, dance, food and music. A full program of events will be confirmed in January 2017.

Signs of the Time is a free exhibition open from 18 February to 9 April 2017, at Gold Coast City Gallery, The Arts Centre Gold Coast.

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