BB Factory bringing the Blues to Broadbeach

Based on the Gold Coast BB Factory is an Australian Band made up of a collection of very talented local and international musicians who have been knocking dead crowds with their commitment to playing the Blues. Jodie Bellchambers spoke with the band ahead of their debut at this weekend’s Blues on Broadbeach and the upcoming release of their debut full length album in September.


You have a new album coming out soon, can you tell us when and how to get a hold of it? Also will you be showcasing a few tracks from the album at Blues on Broadbeach next week?

We recently released “Six and Three Is Nine”, a collection of 6 live tracks and 3 studio tracks. It’s available via iTunes, Spotify, etc. This project is a “stop gap” interim release to give our fans and supporters something to listen to before we release our debut full length original album “First World Blues” in September this year. We are very excited to be making our debut at Blues on Broadbeach, it is among the top music festivals in the Country and we are grateful to Mark Duckworth and his team for their support. Blues music is a constantly evolving craft, and BB Factory will be contributing to this evolution by featuring about 9 songs from the upcoming “First World Blues” album at Blues on Broadbeach. Additionally we will be presenting a numbers of our well received interpretations of some classic tunes.


The band is made up of quite an eclectic mix of backgrounds do you think this gives you an edge when writing music?

Absolutely! Possibly more than any other form of music, the Blues reaches deep down inside life experiences and across all emotions for inspiration. The eclectic mix of backgrounds in BB Factory band members provides a unique platform for bringing new material to our audiences.


Buddy Guy once said he was worried about the future of Blues music as kids aren’t hearing it or know about it, do you as a band share this sentiment or do you see a rebirth of the blues?

Wow, Buddy Guy is an absolute icon of the Blues, one of our inspirations and we would not dare to comment on sentiments he expresses. We can however provide you with what we observe in our performances and interactions in the community. BB Factory attracts audiences across all age groups and includes diehard Blues fans, music lovers in general and first timers to the Blues. We receive great responses from all these groups evidenced by direct feedback, and seeing first timers come back to future gigs. It is very special too see toddlers and young children draw up a stool and sit all night at the front of the stage at one of our Miami Marketta performances. The Blues has never died, people prefer live music, they appreciate talented musicians and great band combinations, they love a good groove, and can relate to great stories, and the Blues has all this in one neat package. The more people hear it, the stronger it becomes.


Where do you find inspiration for your song writing and is it a shared energy between the whole band?

Inspiration strikes us all in different ways and at different times. The batch of songs that make up “First World Blues” were written primarily by our guitarist Pedro and singer Jackson, with a couple of songs co-written with our former bass player Bela. Some songs evolved out of combining separately written music and lyrics, some songs came off the cuff by jamming out ideas during rehearsals. Our view of song writing doesn’t stop at penning the score and lyrics so to speak, it goes right through to performance and final production. Each member of BB Factory brings energy through contributing through this journey.


Where to next for BB Factory, anything you have your sights set on?

Beyond continuing to support the local blues/roots scene in South East Queensland and Northern Rivers, in the long-term we hope to build higher profile nationally and eventually internationally. It’s one small step at a time for us though and 2017’s milestones will be the release of “First World Blues” and of course our debut at Blues On Broadbeach this week is very special for us.

Catch BB Factory live this weekend at Blues on Broadbeach – Saturday 20 May @9.45am – Surf Parade Stage and Sunday 21st May @7pm upstairs -The Envy Hotel.

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