EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: BB Factory ‘Howler’

We’ve got a Friday treat for blues lovers.

Classy Gold Coast five-piece BB Factory released their album ‘First World Blues in May this year. It follows an impressive track record in channeling sounds from the authentically classic and gritty side of blues, funk, rock and roll and gospel.

A cracking live band with seasoned international musos oozing from their ranks, they’ve become a bit of a fixture on vibey nights out at a bunch of local watering holes.

Today they’ve shared with us a special preview of their new video for the song ‘Howler’.

The track grinds and oozes along to a bluesy swamp rock vibe, with the second half of the song elevating off the back of a stinging guitar break and some howlin’, funk infused vibes.

Take a look for yourself:

BB Factory

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