If 2017 is the year you’ve decided to quit your job and venture into the world of entrepreneurship, you’re going to need some help. Eventually all small business people are going to need money to expand, mentorship, education about how to run and market their businesses, peer support, help with exporting, and / or employ staff or contractors.

You can’t go it alone and you don’t have to. Here are a few resources to help all you budding Gold Coast millionaires in the making. You’re welcome.

Free online resources:

The best place for free resources on how to set up and run a business on the Gold Coast is Australia’s Gold Coast website:

The other great one stop shop for resources about how to get support from the Queensland Government, including grants and mentoring, is the Advance Queensland website:


Small Business Digital Grants Program: The Queensland Government will match up to $10,000 to eligible businesses for the purchase of hardware, software and services which can include courses and coaching: 

Export Marketing Development Grants (EMDG): The Australian Government will reimburse from $5,000 to $150,000 to export businesses for the cost of promoting their business services or products overseas. This is for money already spent. It is advised that business owners use an EMDG Consultant to help prepare applications:

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship: Provides funding from $5,000 to $250,000 to encourage women to enter and succeed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics based businesses and organisations:

Research and Development Tax Incentive: If your business does any R & D get your accountant to look at this:


How to apply for a Small Business Loan: CPA Australia has put together a website to help small businesses with applying for bank loans:

Writing a business plan

Yes you have to. Find out exactly what you need to include in your business plan, how to figure out your costings,  plus a free template here:


ATO website for how to do basic bookkeeping:

Education Programs and Mentoring

Gold Coast City Council has a number of free programs to assist small business including the Growth Accelerator Program, Online Business Program, Emerging Exporters Program, and Supply Chain Development Program. These programs consist of group courses followed by one-on-one mentoring. Even the mentoring is free:

The Bond Business Accelerator Program is a 12 week course open to all start-ups and small businesses on the Gold Coast that also gives access to high level mentoring and investor introductions post-course:

Peer Support

A fantastic Meetup group that provides support, workshops, Q & A panels etc for start-ups and entrepreneurs is The Pulse, based in Brisbane:

If you’re an online retailer, think about joining NORA, the National Online Retailer’s Association:


On LinkedIn join the Social Media Marketing Group:

Hubspot is a great online marketing and sales blog:


Upwork is the best place to find website developers, social media marketing, blog writers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, virtual assistants, etc, from all over the world:

Fiverr also has similar digital services as Upwork but starting from $5:

Airtasker is where you go to find locals. Especially good if you need stock-taking, inventory, cleaning, labelling, or any of the physical tasks that can’t be done online.

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